Pokémon in Fortnite? A fan imagines the outcome of this epic crossover

Lately, the successful battle royale from Epic Games is including new events and characters in collaboration with other famous franchises. One of the most recent cases was the arrival of the characters from My Hero Academia to Fortnite, in addition to bringing objects for the battle royale such as special weapons and missions with exclusive rewards. This type of collaboration makes fans expect to see their favorite franchise in the game very soon, and taking advantage of the wishes of many fans, a talented 3D animator made a trailer in which we see the arrival of Pokémon in Fortnite.

One of the most recent animations by @Feraalsy It has been this, where it brings together the successful franchise of pocket monsters with the famous free and multiplayer game from Epic Games. In its original trailer we can find ourselves as two iconic Fortnite characters are fighting a duel, at the same time that they are interrupted by, more or less, Ash Ketchum himself from Pallet Town, who eliminates these two rivals from his path by launching his incredible Charizard into combatone of his most iconic Pokémon from the first season.

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Pokémon in Fortnite? A fan imagines the outcome of this epic crossover

Imagining a Pokémon crossover in Fortnite is undoubtedly difficult, since Nintendo’s IPs don’t seem to fit in with this type of game. However, it would be very curious to enter Fortnite one day, start a game like any other, and be pleasantly surprised to find some Pokéballs and Pokémon fighting alongside other players on the battlefield.

This fantasy will remain a dream until Nintendo lends its most famous characters to third parties. in order to use them in games that have nothing to do with the original material of each character. Until then, we must settle for these fan creations, and wait until Fortnite’s prized Creative Mode 2.0 which, according to rumors, aspires to be a platformer-style game. Robloxwhere the possibilities are endless.

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