Streamers and professional Valorant players lash out against ranked betting

On more than one occasion you have seen a bet or have bet, many times for fun. Regarding the bets, they have been updated and are now in the esports, the problem is that it annoys content creators and professionals of some video games. In this case, the qualifiers for Valorant They are the most affected.

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Faced with this, different content creators and professional players such as NRG FNS either Jake Lucky, founder of Full Squad Gaming have referred to this problem. Lucky was clear Indian that, “There is a huge issue of betting and cryptocurrency tossing in Valorant right now. With sites that allow players to bet for or against streamers…” to add that he believes this has been happening for some time. “This has been going on for a long time. With many streamers and professionals calling him. I’m sure Riot is already aware of the problem.”

The Valorant player was more severe, offering a possible solution against gamblers. “If there is a crypto punter on the other team, can we all agree to lose the game? I want them to lose every penny and be on the street begging me for a sandwich. Thanks”.

This problem is not present only in Valorant, in League of Legendsanother game from the company Riot Games, it happened that in October due to complaints from content creators such as Tyler1the cryptocurrency bookmaker Esports Bet, will close the option of bet on rankeds (qualifiers) of the video game. Also thanks to Esportmaniacos we remember that Faker, who must be the most famous professional player in LoL, on more than one occasion has referred to the fact that gamblers try to sabotage his games to earn money and for this reason he no longer feels like playing ranked.

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