The best-selling video games of all time

Video games are one of the largest forms of entertainment that exist in the world and that have been with us for a few decades. Probably many grew up with the NES and the Mega Drive, others knew them thanks to PlayStation or Nintendo 64, but there may be some who gave it their first chance with more current platforms such as PS4, PS5, Xbox One or Xbox Series, without forgetting those who prefer to play on a PC or on their mobile devices.

Regardless of the case of each one, hundreds or thousands of different video games have been published on each and every one of these platforms, but not all of them can boast of having sold millions and millions of copies around the world. That is why we are going to review what they are the 10 games that have sold the most units in their entire history from the first day they hit the stores.

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1) Minecraft

  • Sold units: 238 million
  • Release date: November 18, 2011

It is indisputable that Minecraft is still one of the most popular video games of all time after more than a decade since its first version arrived. The franchise has been expanding throughout all this time with other titles in the series, but the one that has always been the most acclaimed has been the original, which has starred in countless news about the genius that users created by giving unleash your imagination.

Since it began its journey, it has gone through a multitude of platforms and has also gone on sale in several generations, including a version for mobile phones and PC. Also, Mojang continues to work on more news with updates that make it still worth entering after more than ten years.

2) GTA V

  • Sold units: 170 million
  • Release date: September 17, 2013

Rockstar can boast of having developed quite a few video games that have become masterpieces, but none of them have matched the success of Grand Theft Auto V. With more than 170 million it remains in the second position of the best-selling titles of all time. times and it seems difficult to overcome. Maybe with the future GTA 6?

Undoubtedly GTA Online has been one of the major responsible for having reached such a number of copies sold, given that online multiplayer does not stop receiving news every week, updates, events and sometimes the occasional expansion. Additionally, Rockstar has published the game across multiple generations from PS3 and Xbox 360 to most recently on PS5 and Xbox Series.

3) Tetris


  • Sold units: 100 million
  • Release date: September 12, 2006

There is no doubt that the sum of all the versions of Tetris that have been released throughout history would be clearly higher than any other game on this list. Even so, what Electronic Arts achieved with its Tetris for mobile devices It has not been equaled again, because to this day it continues to be the best-selling game for these devices with its more than 100 million.

iPod and iPhone were the first devices on which it could be purchased and later it made its way to PSP, Windows Phone and Android. Its classic tile placement mechanics have captivated millions of people around the world and that is why it is understandably ranked so high. However, in 2020 it was removed from digital stores.

4) Wii Sports – 82.9 million


  • Sold units: 82.9 million
  • Release date: November 19, 2006

Nintendo’s best-selling video game in its entire history has been WiiSports. At first it is somewhat surprising, but we must bear in mind that the fact that came bundled with the Wii console in most markets It was a great point in his favor so that he has sneaked into the top of the ranking.

Although it leaves us with the question of how many units would have been sold had it not been published in this way, what is clear is that Wii has been one of Nintendo’s most popular consoles and WiiSports It was perfectly one of those titles that could not be missing at any party with friends and family due to its simple and fun proposal.

5) PUBG – 75 million

  • Sold units: 75 million
  • Release date: December 20, 2017

Perhaps Fortnite is the most popular Battle Royale that exists and if it had been paid it would be present in some position on this list. However, when PUBG: Battlegrounds wanted to stand up to it, it did so at a cost. That is what has caused it to be among the five best-selling games of all time.

It should also be noted that today the figure has been paralyzed due to the fact that is freely available in free-to-play formatbut of all its versions, the best-selling of all has been the one for PC with its 42 million.

6) Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros

  • Sold units: 58 million
  • Release date: September 13, 1985

Another of the most mythical video games that exist is the classic Super Mario Bros.the platform adventure starring the Nintendo plumber in which he had to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of the evil Bowser and one of those games that could not be missing in any NES.

Its soundtrack has also managed to penetrate our memory to the point that its most recognized melody can be hummed by almost anyone. Over the years it went on sale on other platforms, such as Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance, which influenced its impressive million-dollar figure to increase much more.

7) Mario Kart 8 / Deluxe

  • Sold units: 56.8 million
  • Release date: September 13, 1985

Of all the Mario Kart that have come to be developed, the best seller of all has been Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the Nintendo Switch version of this fantastic racing game with which hours can fly by competing in any of its dozens of circuits, be it alone, with other people in the same house or against other players from all over the world in its online multiplayer.

To this day it is still the best-selling game on Nintendo Switch and it would be surprising if at this point someone manages to surpass it. Likewise, of those almost 57 million units, it must be taken into account that more than 8 million correspond to the original version of Wii Uso without a doubt it was a success on the part of Nintendo to bring it back to its current hybrid console.

8) Pokémon Red, Blue, Green and Yellow


  • Sold units: 47.5 million
  • Release date: February 27, 1996

The ninth generation of Pokémon with Scarlet and Purple has recently arrived on Nintendo Switch, but the first of all, the one that premiered on Game Boy, has been the one that has sold the most units since the almost 27 years that the saga has. In Japan it was with the Red and Green editions and here in Europe we received pokemon blue and red.

A little later Pokémon Yellow was also released, the same adventure with Pikachu as the starting Pokémon to choose from. And we must not forget that these same editions returned in the form of remakes with Pokémon LeafGreen and FireRedjust like with Pokémon Let’s Go, but the originals are still the best sellers of all.

9) Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Sold units: 46 million
  • Release date: October 26, 2018

Once again Rockstar reappears on the list and for good reason, because Red Dead Redemption 2 is another of his greatest works with which we were able to travel to the Wild West in this prequel to Red Dead Redemption, with a plot that takes place twelve years before telling the story of the Dutch Van Der Linde gang.

Going through its open world is one of those experiences difficult to repeat and for which it deserves to spend countless hours at the controls. The only bad thing is that its multiplayer, Red Dead Online, has not received the same affection as that of gta onlinewhich was a shame because that was another way to enjoy his greatness in the company of other people in the world.

10) Terraria

  • Sold units: 44.5 million
  • Release date: May 16, 2011

The last position in this top 10 is occupied by Terraria, the Re-Logic game that presents us with a 2D sandbox that was originally released on PC, but is one of the titles on this list that has visited the most platformsgoing through a few generations and practically all the consoles that have been created since the days of PS3 and Xbox 360, including portable and mobile devices.

It could be said that many of the characteristics of its gameplay drank from Minecraft, although it also has its own personality by letting players explore a world to modify it at will with the tools at their disposal and in which objects, resources and even enemies abound throughout different biomes. Also, terraria It can boast of being the highest rated game on all of Steam.

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