The very important change to surrender that could mark League of Legends

One of the most hated but loved tools for League of Legends players is the surrenderthe option to surrender. Many users see voting as a useful way to stop wasting time, avoid more stress or simply stop having a hard time. Although it was initially ‘unchangeable’, over the years Riot Games has had more courage to modify some of its aspects. But in 2023 the developer could modify a key aspect that could mark the future of the MOBA.

Chris Roberts, producer of League of Legends better known as Riot Auberaun, has announced through Twitter that as of patch 13.2 there will be new rules for the surrender. From January 24, players will be able to surrender in normal games before the 15th minute with only four votes in favor of defeat. In other words, Riot Games intends to study how removing unanimity to leave a game works.

The changes would apply to normal 5v5 matches on Summoner’s Rift, but could go further in the future. In the case of having good feedbackRiot wants to implement this measure for the surrender in ranked matches. «Our data shows us that the comeback ratios when a team does not get a surrender early (before the 20th minute) are low, usually teams have a good sense of what a ‘winnable’ game is,” Roberts said.

The developer already has experience within its titles since in Wild Rift the surrender processes work like this. The surrender At minute 15 he arrived at League of Legends five years ago and the change is the first since then. According to the developer’s patch cycle, the change should arrive on January 24 because it is the release date of patch 13.2.

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