Tournaments, video games and digitization: this was the first year of the Polo TIC Gamer

The integral project of the province aims at the professionalization of young people in the development of electronic sports. This 2022 managed to create more than 25 events dedicated to video games, in addition to holding three tournaments with more than 50 teams and 300 participants. The new cycle of activities is expected to start in March or April.

Despite the fact that the ICT Pole maintains more than four years of experience in the technological world, the branch dedicated to the plane geek and gamer is only one year old. During 2022, the Polo gamer has managed to unite the scattered geek-missionary community, presenting various activities to promote the professionalization of young people in the video game and electronic sports (e-sports) industry. In addition, programming training was key to creating and managing them.

Your mission and work

The main goal of the Polo TIC gamer is to serve as a “guide” for the professionalization of the world of E-sports in the province, offering training and video game courses (mainly League Of Legends, Valorant and Counter Strike). Also seek to make visible and promote spaces for awareness and reflection on digital citizenship and gender perspective related to the field of electronic sports.

To achieve this, in what was 2022, the organization has participated in the creation of 25 events dedicated to videogamesin addition to carrying out three tournaments with more than 50 registered amateur teams, which translates into more than 300 participants and some 150 prizes awarded.

The most prominent contest took place during the makerland 2022, an event that brought together the best of the gamer world together with the innovation of the Robotics School, where the largest teams in the province fought to take home the last Polo Cup Final Series of the year.

It is expected that this type of activities will increase this year, although the official dates have not yet been announced. The general coordinator of the Polo TIC Gamer, Carlos Luceromentioned that a calendar is being put together and that “The new proposals will start in March or April.”

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