Valorant: Riot introduced the changes to Split

Split is set to join Valorant’s map rotation in patch 6.0, with several major changes.

The holidays are over for the Riot Games development team and they have already shown everything that the next Valorant update will bring. One of the novelties that we will see is in patch 6.01 is the return of Split with several important changes and here we show you what they are.

Split was removed from the map rotation in June 2022, being replaced by Pearl. However, in December it was announced that it would be available again for the start of this year and we already know its exact arrival date.

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Through its twitter account, Valorant showed by images the new aspect that Split will have for its return to the map rotation. In total there are seven changes that the developer applied, with the aim of making the map easier to navigate and complicating positioning in the corners.

The move to the A-zone beams means that players looking for the surprise attack around the corner have to risk playing on low ground, instead of looking for a higher advantage. Both the Rafters, and A’s boxes were shortened; while in part B, there are more spaces and the tower no longer has the small elevator for the box.

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The return of Split, together with the arrival of Lotus, the new map; it will also mark the departure of Bind and Breeze to Valorant’s map rotation. All these changes will be on the official server on January 10, with the release of patch 6.0, which will also start a new chapter of the Riot Games game.

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