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Season 13 of League of Legends will start in the early morning of the next January 11 and, as is tradition, Riot Games has carried out a whole series of contents compiling the novelties with which the new year of qualifying games begins or those that will arrive in the coming months. A whole assortment of improvements and new content that will remarkably refine the gaming experience and will try to make the new campaign the best in video game history. The task is extremely complicated and only time will tell if they have succeeded. However, there is many details that promise to make this year a particularly interesting one.

The news already available at the start of Season 13 of League of Legends

There are players who skip the preseason as it is too chaotic a time, so before continuing touch Quickly review what’s new that have been added to the game since the ‘Season 12’ It ended in the middle of last November. We won’t go too deep into them, but it is important to have them moderately clear.

  • Return of the Technochemical Dragon: This neutral target returned to League of Legends with a different effect. Each charge increases our tenacity, healing power and shields. The soul makes us more resistant and deals more damage when we have half health or less and its rift mutates the plants of the jungle, enhancing its effects.
  • New communication systems: New pings have been added, a warning system to improve vision strategies.
  • Jungle Changes: The objects for this position have been modified, adding pets that will help us in the games and have different objects. Additionally, there has been a ‘rework’ to the camp cleaning system to make it more affordable.
  • new objects: There are new items and changes to the operation of some positions.

Additionally, and thinking of all those players who do not dare to try League of Legends because it is too difficult, have been added systems that make getting started easier in the game.

  • recommendations: Now the game tells us some basic aspects, such as the runes and spells to equip our champion or the basic routes to start the games from the jungle.
lol recommendations

The barrier to entry to League of Legends has been lowered considerably

Advance on the new skins of League of Legends

The developers of League of Legends have reviewed the cosmetics that will arrive throughout the seasonheralding the introduction of skins for some of the longest-awaited characters. Aurelion Sol (827 days), Kalista (732) winter (760) and Kled (732) have been the characters directly mentioned by Riot Games. Details about all the champions have not been revealed, although we do know that in the case of Kalista, his cosmetic will belong to a new line of skins that will be released throughout the year.

Kalista New Skin

Additionally, the line of skins with stuffed or disguised characters will be recovered who has given us Kog’Wow, Corki Corgi or Vacalistar. It is expected that these cosmetics arrive around the month of April to celebrate the equivalent of ‘April Fool’s Day’ in Anglo-Saxon lands. It has been revealed that Kled and Kindred will be in this new wave of appearances.

Advance Skins Lol

Major Changes to the Ranked Match System in Season 13

While the ranked match experience isn’t getting a huge number of changes, there are two very important ones. The first is a large increase in the rewards available to players, which now they will have a kind of free Battle Pass. In it, champions, icons or chests can be unlocked; so that there is a much more grateful progression compared to what we had now.

Additionally, the division of the competitive season into two ‘splits’ has been ratified. Everything will start next January 11 as usual. Restart in the ranked system and start again from a lower rank than we are used to. The difference is that, in the middle of the year, there will be a new ‘reset’. This one will be less aggressive than the start of the season, especially for players who have played a lot during the first half of 2023. Additionally, there will be no period of ‘preseason’ Come in ‘splits’since the changes from one ‘split’ to another will be much less significant.

“Many players return to League of Legends when the season starts to achieve their ranked goals. However, when we look at the data we see that it doesn’t take this long to hit the targets if it builds up every patch consistently. If you don’t lose steam from the start in January, you’re probably going to hit your peak range by mid-year. After that, things get tricky. Players in the higher ranks are conditioned to only play enough to not lose their ranked spot. Once players realize they can’t go up very high, they either drop ranked or start smurfing (…) There are many reasons why other games, including Riot’s, don’t have year-long seasons ”.

lol ranks

Additionally, a historic change in the game has been highlighted: It will no longer be necessary to reach Gold to get the prestigious skin of each of the new ‘splits’. Of course, whoever does not reach this minimum range will have to play a large number of games.

New events and game modes

In addition to what was mentioned in the Season 13 presentation, the League of Legends developers answered several questions at an internal event to which we have had access. One of the most interesting was related to game modes and events.

It’s a little early to talk about specific things we’re doing, but we’ve gotten feedback that you want unique events. There will be game modes and some will be community favorites like Nexus Blitz or URF, but also new stuff. We have created a new team and are working on making it work throughout the year. Now they are doing things. We look forward to revealing more updates on events and game modes over the coming months.”.

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