BLAST Premier Spring 2023: CS:GO is back!

CS:GO BLAST Premier Spring Groups
Courtesy: BLAST Premier

After almost a full month since the consecration of G2 Esports on the BLAST Premier World Finals, CS: GO already has a return date. The person in charge of opening the first level competitions in 2023 will be the same one who carried out the closure the previous year. The circuit BLAST Premier will open CS:GO 2023 with its spring group stage. The next January 19 will start the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023 where all the franchise teams of the BLAST circuit will take the first step. The spring phase already knows its three groups, where they will come from 6 classified to the finals Y 6 sent to the Showdown last chance

Although the break is one of the shortest within the esports scene, CS:GO was already missed. While HLTV continues to reward outstanding players and teams in 2022, 2023 is heating up on the bench. The start of the competitions of the highest elite of CS: GO will open on January 19 with the start of the BLAST Premier circuit. The spring phase will have its usual group stage where 12 teams They will be divided into three groups. These groups have already been announced by the Danish event organizer and are the following:

The groups of the BLAST Premier Spring groups 2023

  • Group A:
    • heroic
    • Vitality
    • Astralis
    • Evil Geniuses
  • B Group:
    • FaZe Clan
    • Team Liquid
    • og
    • complexity
  • Group C
    • G2 Esports
    • Natus Vincere
    • BIG
    • Ninjas in Pajamas

With the three groups already armed and published by BLAST Premier we can expect a great tournament to start the year. While this tournament doesn’t crown a champion, it is important for advancing to the Spring Finals. The group stage promises to have a significant amount of action and we already have crosses that will be spicy entry.

The tournament will open with the great Derby danish between heroic Y Astralis by Group A. In Group B the action can also lead to surprise, with three very tight teams and a Complexity that always surprises. finally the Group C promises to be the real thing ‘Group of death’adding the extra bit of hotness that can be a cross between G2 Esports Y NaVi. While the Ukrainian team will start with a strong confrontation from the start. NaVi will begin by facing NiPwhich just acquired Danyyl Valitov «headtr1ck«, young star of NaVi’s own academy.

BLAST Premier Spring Groups CS:GO Wrench
BLAST Premier Spring Groups keys / Sources: Liquipedia

Remember that each group will have a key double eliminationwhich will serve to position the teams in the phase of play-in. The three winners from each group will advance directly to the spring finals. While the other three from each group will go to the phase of play-in according to their position in the group. In this play-in they will dispute the remaining three direct places in the finalsthe six teams that fail will be sent to the Showdown. In this way, CS:GO will kick off in 2023, the groups are very tight and we already have confirmed great games.

In this BLAST they will debut important signings in his first tournament level one. Astralis will finally perform with Nicolai Reedtz”dev1ce» and young Christian Møss «buzz«. On the other hand we will have the previously named NiP with headtr1ck. While NaVi will have his first event with Andrii Kukharskyi”npl» of fifth man. We will see who arrives in better shape. The BLAST will have G2 as the most recent to lift a title, to heroic as the current TOP 1 in the world and who we can never leave out as FaZe, NaVi Y Vitality.

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