Can you catch a shiny Zekrom in Pokémon Go? – January 10, 2023

Zekrom returns to Pokémon Go alongside Reshiram for a brief time. If you’ve been hoping to catch one of the best Dragon-type Pokemon in the game, now is the time to try and catch it before it disappears again. You have a few weeks to do it, so if you have time to get together with your friends, we highly recommend it. While you’re playing Zekrom encounters, can you catch a shiny Zekrom in Pokémon Go?

Does Zekrom have a shiny form in Pokémon Go?

We can confirm that you will have a chance to catch a Shiny Zekrom during raids you do in Pokémon Go. The chances of grabbing a shiny Zekrom are low, but you’ll still have a chance. You should have a chance to find Zekrom almost anywhere you can find and catch this Pokemon in raids or as a Pokemon Go Battle League reward. The only time it won’t is when Niantic specifically states that a shiny version for Zekrom is not available.

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The best chance of capturing a shiny Zekrom is working with a handful of friends and other players to defeat it. Zekrom is a Legendary Dragon and an Electric-type, giving you only a few options to take him down. However, defeating and catching this powerful Pokemon will only benefit you. It will be hard to beat him when you add him to your roster and use him in other Battle League raids and competitions.

Zekrom is considered one of the best Pokemon for players to use in Pokemon Go. With the power boost it receives from Fusion Bolt, it is even stronger. We highly recommend teaching your Zekrom how to use Fusion Bolt, but unless you catch him in special raid event moments where he can learn Fusion Bolt, you’ll need to use an Elite Charged TM on him.


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