Cool Pokemon Fan Art Fuses Beedrill With Magnemite

A Pokémon fan art has merged two of the iconic creatures to create an amazing, if slightly hideous, new pocket monster.

The image in question merges beedrill Y Magnemite into something resembling a robotic insect. It is one of many pieces of fan art of Pokemon that can be found on the Internet.

beedrill Y Magnemite they were originally introduced in Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue in the mid-1990s. Although they are not the most popular Pokémon, both have become mainstays of the franchise, having appeared in almost every installment in the series.

Magnemite made its last appearance in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and can be a bit difficult to catch and evolve. However, it seems that some fans want to see both Magnemite and Beedrill evolve in an unexpected direction.

Although fan arts of Pokemon are common, fusion tributes don’t appear that often, and sometimes they happen by accident. On one occasion, a strange bug caused a set of Pokémon GO creatures to merge into something that looked like it belonged in the Elden Ring.

However, in the case of reddit user SUPERSADKIDDO, the merger was intentional. In it, he fused Beedrill and Magnemite together, creating something more hideous than pretty. Most of the form still resembles Beedrill, but appears to be a robotic version of it, with its all-metal drills, stinger, and casing, with a Magnemite eye in the center of its head.

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