CS:GO: NiP announces Headtr1ck as its AWPer

CS:GO NiP signs Headtr1ck

The biggest open secret of the postseason it’s no longer a secret. Ninjas in Pajamas ends his odyssey of not having a AW Per principal signing a rising star. NiP completes its CS:GO lineup with the brand new addition of Danyyl Valitov «headtr1ck«. The ninjas further cut their Swedish lineage and complete a roster with the young Ukrainian promise in the AWP position. headtr1ck will take his first step in a quintet level 1 of CS:GO from the hand of NiP, one of the most successful teams on the scene.

The ninjas declare their search for AWP over. that journey that began with the departure of Nicolai Reedtz”dev1ce» of the starting squad, today comes to an end with the entry of Headtr1ck. Between these two events players like Fredrik Sterner «REZ“, Love Smidebrant”phzy» and, the recent sent to the bench, Patrick Hansen «es3tag» They knew how to take the AWP of the ninjas as an emergency. This will no longer be a problem in the NiP coffers that with the arrival of headtr1ck ensures a actual AWPas they have decided to call it themselves.

NiP signs Headtr1ck, called to be the rookies of 2023 in CS:GO

While Ninjas in Pajamas is an organization with a huge brand, Headtr1ck does not arrive as a simple newbie to the servers. The young Ukrainian steps forward towards the level 1 as one of the top rookies to watch out for. In the countdown of the TOP 20 of HLTV we already have multiple players who have been praised to the ukrainian headtr1ck arrives with one of the biggest posters of 2023, the AW Per has had mentions of players like rain, hunter, blameF and one of his compatriots, b1t. So expectations for the 18-year-old Ukrainian are high.

HuNter praises Headtr1ck the new NiP CS:GO player
HuNter-, a G2 player, thinks headtr1ck is a great player and working with AleksiB, who worked with moNESY, can help him by having a similar profile / Sources: HLTV

Other players who have praised the level of headtr1ck have been s1mple Y m0NESYtwo players very close to him. s1mple he has been lucky enough to follow him closely to form an opinion about him. While m0NESY is one of his closest friends from his moments in the NaVi Junior and who he usually plays with on FACEIT.

While big players have put their prediction on him, and the previous two probably do, there is someone whose opinion did not coincide a few months ago. Although NiP has invested strongly in headtr1ckit was B1ad3, NaVi coach, who ruled out the Ukrainian player to join NaVi. B1ad3’s reasons were simple, headtr1ck I did not have the level to compete comfortably in the level 1. Even so, the turn of the player towards the role of AW Per He has given his projection more wings, thus signing for NiP.

headtr1ck will have his debut with NiP in the next BLAST Premier Spring Groups. In this first step the Ukrainian will face NaVi, his previous team, so he will have the opportunity to prove his worth upfront. The rest of Group C it’s conformed G2 Y BIG, so NiP will have it very hard in his first test. This tournament starts on January 19 and it will be the turn of NiP to the servers with a AW Per real after more than a year.

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