Escape from Tarkov grows 458% on Twitch during January

Escape from Tarkov It is that perfect title for those lovers of the extreme. You don’t have a map, you don’t know how much ammunition you have left in a magazine unless you count bullet by bullet… In short, is a combat simulator that takes us to the extreme. This videogame has been with us for many years now, although always in a state of early beta.

Every six months we usually see how this video game is trending again on Twitch. This is because we are facing a wipe, something that completely restarts the game. However, this month of January has been complete madness. Escape from Tarkov has been able to unseat titles like VALORANT and even, League of Legends. The only category that fails to overcome, as always happens, is Just Chatting.

Escape from Tarkov smashes Twitch numbers

At Twitch rush hour, around 6:00 p.m. (CET), Escape from Tarkov around 400,000 concurrent viewers. Typically these combat simulator spikes occur every six monthsWhen we are faced with a wipe. However, this January 2023 has completely blown up the Twitch servers. And is not for less.

Many content creators have decided to give this video game a try. Thus, we have seen some as elXokas either Mixwell take your first steps through Tarkov. On the other hand, we find others who are already regulars but who are dedicating many hours to the video game, such as Th3Antonio either TheEyeNinja. The dropsadded to this popularity among streamershave made many users take a look at this Escape from Tarkov.

In case you want to get hold of the game, now is the best possible time. Although a few days have passed since its launch, there are still players who are joining, so if you have any doubts, don’t think about it.

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