Escape from Tarkov has grown 458% on TWITCH reaching 400,000 concurrent viewers

Since its launch in July 2017, Escape from Tarkov has become quite a popular title, which has been an option for those looking for something different from battle royale-type titles like Fortnite or PUBG. This since as many have indicated, it presents what they call the “Tarkov Formula” pointing to the mechanics of the game, which are to deploy on a terrain without a map to guide us, collect equipment and other objects to survive looking for an exit area.

A game that delivers a combat simulation that continues to generate interest, especially on streaming platforms such as Twitch where, according to the latest reports, Escape from Tarkov has grown significantly in audience so far in January 2023.

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Thanks to a report from Esportmaniacs, it is known that around 18:00 CET (Twitch peak time), Escape from Tarkov reaches around 400,000 concurrent viewers on the platform. Situation that generally happens every six months but that starting this year, has exploded since the title has grown 458% in Twitch audience during January.

Success that is obviously generated by the interest that great Twitch streamers have had, who have given the game a chance, generating a virtuous circle since with this more players are acquiring it. Something that clearly makes it a good time to play Escape from Tarkov, since at certain times you can find games with large numbers of users.

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