eSports: Giants presents its League of Legends roster for 2023

Giants, one of the most successful esports teams in the history of competitive sports in Spainhas just presented its new roster for the first League of Legends Split of 2023. With a video very typical of the house, through that particular style that they have in the ‘crew’ of the giants, they have wanted to welcome you to his titular quintet… with old acquaintances.

In the toplane they will have Daniel Aitbelkacem ‘Scarface’, young German talent who already knows what the Super League is. Coming from UOL, he won the German championship. In Spain we already saw him do his thing with eMonkeyz and KYIF. He now returns wanting to take the Hispanic trophy.

In a jungle role, have another young talent. One we already know very well. Is about Phil Qin ‘Alby’, one of the revelation players of last season. Coming from BISONS, he has managed to win over the audience with his brazenness on the Rift and his great mechanics.

Next, the midlane. In the central lane the giants will have the talent of Nicolas Gawron ‘Decay’. He is a player who also has a lot of experience and who has commented with Schalke 04.

Giants announce their League of Legends roster with two familiar faces

To finish, the botlane. Looking ahead to 2023, Giants wanted to recover two classics from the Super League and from the Malaga club itself. We are talking support Paul Lardin ‘Stend’ and ADC Amadeu Carvalho ‘Attila’. The first returns after a season in the NCL.

There is little we can say about Amadeu that no one already knows: he has been one of the most outstanding shooters on the European scene for years and has built himself as a symbol within the Giants team; the prodigal son has returned. Regarding the technical body, They will have the experience of Andr Pereira Guilhoto.

Guilhoto and Razork’s expectations

Regarding this season, both the coach and the sports director wanted to have a few words for their fans. “I am very happy to return to Mlaga and Giants, which is my house. I would never have had the career that I have if it wasn’t for this club”, she commented.

“I really want to start, we have a team with great potential, with young talent and also experience. We want to compete against the best and, at the same time, develop our players. And, above all, that Giants fans feel proud of their team,” added Guilhoto.

“We believe that this squad has a high ceiling and we are going to invest all our efforts this season. The Super League is the best national competition in Europe, the level has risen and it is quite a challenge for usRazork explained.

“All the signings have stood out and led their teams, where they have been champions or have fought to be. Everyone understands what Giants is and what it takes to defend this shield. We are excited to start and play in front of our fans, who in 2022 filled the stands at every game,” he concluded.

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