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Epic Games has the habit of warning if our smartphone Android not compatible with Fortnite, so you will not be able to enjoy your future games. However, there is a way to download the Battle Royale so you can have fun with your smartphone in January 2023. The detail is that you will have to do the updates manually.

The solution is to download the APK version of Fortnite for Android. Now, it is not just any APK, but the most updated version so that players have access to events and other material on the Epic Games servers. The process is legal and will not harm your smartphone as long as you go to trusted APK pages.

In order to save your time, we share the whole process in the next section as well as the direct link for the safe download of the APK of Fortnite to Android.

FORTNITE APK ANDROID | How to install the game

  • The first thing you should do is download the apk in the link.
  • Once you have the app, install it and now launch it.
  • When you open it, it will ask you for a series of permissions. We advise you to reject the calls, but yes, it allows the storage to be approved.
  • After that look for ‘Fortnite‘ in the browser.
  • Now just hit ‘Install’ and Fortnite it will start downloading.
  • Accept the file installation permission and you will have Fortnite on your non-compatible mobile.
  • Sign in with your account Fortnite and start the game.

It should be noted that in case you see a sign that you do not have the latest version of Fortnite and that you can’t run it, you should look for another, more up-to-date APK.

FORTNITE | How to play on Apple

Currently, there is only one way to play Fortnite on an iPhone or iPad in 2023, and it is with the help of cloud gaming services. Although you can also use Xbox Cloud Gaming, we recommend Nvidia’s GeForce Now due to its easy access.

After creating an account GeForce Now, you will need to add the app to the home screen. To do this, just tap the button Share in Safari and select Add to home screen.

The last step requires you to launch the new app and select Fortnite in her. You can also link your existing Epic Games account through the app, as the game supports cross-progression.

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