Fortnite: Epic disabled the Shock Hammer

The company disabled the melee weapon due to a bug that allowed it to be used countless times without a cooldown.

The shock hammer it is one of the most interesting weapons he released Epic Games for the start of Chapter 4 of Fortnite. It allows the wearer to easily destroy structures as well as move faster around the map or even send opponents flying. However his power has been restricted for a while.

Through the social networks of the battle royale the company advertisement the save of the new melee weapon. They clarified that it will be temporary and that they will reincorporate it in an upcoming update once its bug in casual and competitive queues is fixed.

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Due to an issue, we have temporarily disabled Shock Hammer on all playable lists. Our intention is to re-enable the Shock Hammer in the next game update when this issue has been resolved.”

The Shock Hammer error in Fortnite has been seen for a few days, which is about infinite jumps with its alternative function. Once in contact with the water the player would not stop bouncing to the point where they could easily escape the storm circles.

Let’s also take into account that there are other bugs that appeared throughout Chapter 4. Some for example the temporary removal of sprint, limiting player mobility, or disabling obstacle jumping by Epic. As for objects, only two were affected. One is the featured melee weapon and the other is Deku’s Smash, which was short-lived in the My Hero Academia event due to its abysmal damage and lighting effects.

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At the moment there is no confirmed date for when the Shock Hammer will return in Fortnite. Most likely, and guiding us from the typical updates that the company launches, it is that it will be reinstated between the February 10 or 17. At most it could be earlier in an unexpected hotfix.

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