How to Block Hot Tub Streamers on Twitch

As live streaming continues to grow in popularity, so does the number of streamers trying to approach sites like Twitch using just about anything to gain some traction and financial stability. This includes the infamous pools, hot tubs, and beaches category added by Twitch in an attempt to categorize so-called “hot tub streamers,” which is seemingly growing by the day. If you don’t want the ability to stumble across these channels, here’s how to block the category entirely within Twitch.

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How to Block Hot Tub Streamers on Twitch

Whether you’re watching Twitch at work or school, or your account is signed in to the family smart TV, there are plenty of reasons why you’d want to block this weird section of live streaming.

Exploring the Category View on Twitch

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The Twitch Directory divides all streams by category first, and understanding this is critical to tailoring the content you see. You can block specific categories, like the Call of Duty franchise or Pokémon, and not be introduced to any streamers that play those titles. Visit the Twitch Directory while logged in and you’ll be able to sort through all the available categories, whether you want to sort by game type or what type of stream it is. In the Directory view, select the ‘IRL’ category.

Blocking the Hot Tub category on Twitch

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Hot tub streamers are in a specific category called Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches, with a beach chair image. Select this and you’ll be taken to the home page for this category with a list of all streamers currently in this directory. At the top of the new page, you’ll see options to Follow, Block, and Hide thumbnails for this category. Select ‘Block’ and you will no longer see this category on Twitch while browsing various streams. However, it should be noted that these streams will still show up if you search for this specific category; in other words, it does not block intentional browsing in blocked categories.

How to unlock a category on Twitch

Over the years of using Twitch, it’s likely that categories that didn’t appeal to you in the past will reawaken your interest. A new Minecraft update could change your mind about watching Minecraft Twitch streamers entirely, and you’ll want the option to reverse your previous decision. Unlocking these categories is a simple endeavor once you know where to look. Browse the Directory to find the blocked category, enter the directory listing and click the ‘Unblock’ button where ‘Block’ is located.


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