In Latin America, women seek to equalize men in the online video game industry

In a sector that for several years only heard of men being the protagonists, women have begun to play an equally influential role in the industry gamingabove all, in the universe of video games that currently has a strong female presence.

Although the dominance in number continues to belong to men, women have been in charge of considerably reducing that gap. A recent report by MediaCom, a media monitoring and analysis company, revealed that more than 40% of gamers all over the world are women. The survey was done in 2021, so it is presumed that the figure has increased by three percent at the end of 2022.

But if we focus on Latin America, the figures are even more interesting. Through an investigation carried out in Mexico, Argentina and Colombia by Intel, a corporation that intends to innovate in the industry gaming with big changes, it was concluded that 45% of players on-line in the region it is represented by women, almost half of the players in the market.

The US company held a call that brought together more than three thousand gamers, between men and women, with 56% female attendees. In addition, an interesting piece of data was rescued that revealed that the women who came for the study were in an age range of between 16 and 54 years.

The best gamers they are chile

Chile has also seen a significant increase in women dedicated to online video games. There is talk of a reach of 40% only in women gamerswho see great opportunities to generate income on YouTube or Twitch, two of the most influential platforms in the world. streaming. In addition, to represent his country in international events.

Like the case of Dhayann Muñoz, who has become popular for his representation in the Global Esports video game world. The 28-year-old, originally from Renca, traveled to Turkey, where she was the only woman out of 64 male participants in the efootball specialty.

Muñoz has become the most influential Chilean eSports, a cybersport that, like sports such as soccer, tennis or basketball, is widely accepted and is reflected every day in sports betting houses such as Betsson Chile, which gives the opportunity to bet on him gamer or favorite team in different tournaments like Dota 2, Counter Strike Go, King of Glory, among others.

Likewise, there are Lachilenabelu, iCata and Caprimint, other players who are making their way with more than a million followers on their different social networks, who describe them as the most claimed gamers of the moment. Not only because of the level of play they show, but also because of the interaction they have with their audience.

Undoubtedly, an interesting sign that reflects the influence of women today in online games, which seeks to equate the market with the opposite sex and thus make it a more entertaining sector in terms of competition.

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