Is Fortnite child’s play? Ninja has it very clear

A good handful of years have passed for this debate to have to be reopened every few months around Fortnite. The game’s graphics, its accessible gameplay and the fact that in Epic Games joke what other companies try to recreate in an ultraserious way, causes on numerous occasions people come out complaining that the game is made specifically for children.

I am not even going to go into what I think of people who deprive themselves of playing some titles for the mere fact that they are for all audiences. Firstly, because I think they reveal a significant lack of awareness about what ends up being a game in itself and, secondly, because I even feel sorry that they are losing such amazing things because of a rather silly prejudice. But whatever… Is Fortnite a game for children or not? Well, I will not be the one to answer this question this time.

Ninja rebuts his chat’s complaints about Fortnite

  • In one of his last live shows, Ninja’s chat starts complaining that battle royale has become a children’s game 👶
  • His reaction could not be more direct: he not only assures that it is not, but that begins to criticize people who defend Warzone compared to Fortnite for this very reason 🥱
  • His words may seem obvious, but they are not without reason: Epic Games battle royale is a game for all ages and is enjoyed by many adult people
  • Next, I leave you with a clip of the stream that was collected by the user known as GUARD Hunter on Twitter where you can see Ninja’s full message

And you and you… What do you think?

Once I have commented what Ninja thinks about these types of statements, the only thing left for me is to ask you directly. Thus, I have prepared a survey in which you can vote on it below.

Will there come a time when this debate does not arise every two by three around Fortnite? Only time will tell.

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