KaiR0N- replaces n0rb3r7 on Virtus.pro

One of the great teams on the international scene has been the last to make an important change to its squad, specifically Virtus.pro. Alexander «⁠KaiR0N-⁠« Anashkin joins the organization of CIS to replace the Russian David «⁠n0rb3r7⁠« Danielyan, one of the five players who turned Outsiders in Major champion. David is not completely disassociated from the team, for the moment, and will continue as a substitute with the possibility of accepting temporary projects.

OverDrive already highlighted a few days ago that the Outsiders squad could have new changes for the season itself. The great victim would be n0rb3r7, 21-year-old who arrived in May 2022. It was hard to imagine that the latest Major champion could make changes after tremendous success, but the latest performance in BLAST Premier World Final was responsible. “The historic victory in Rio was followed by a humiliating defeat in Abu Dhabi. We realized that the team needed changes that would allow us to stay true to our style of play, without letting the opponents adapt to us”, emphasizes the official statement.

N0rb3r7 leaves the gap for KaiR0N-

Despite the fact that the last major tournament was a little watered down due to various changes and the exhaustion of a long season, it seems that this result was important within the organization. In order not to allow this adaptation, the club has confirmed the signing of Alejandro.KaiR0N-» Anashkin, player of only 18 years who has passed through Aurora. «KaiR0N- is very talented. As soon as we had the opportunity to sign Alexander, we immediately took advantage of it.” Nikolai Petrosyan, CEO of Virtus.pro. In addition, the statement itself highlights that David will move to the bench, but he will be able to join any project temporarily, so the roster will have a lot of flexibility.

All this news is also remarkable due to the presence of Virtus.pro. After so long, the Russian organization does not work under the name of Outsiders and boasts the famous soft bear, its mythical name and sponsors. The Outsiders brand gradually falls behind and Virtus.pro returns to have prominence after a punishment related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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