KOI introduces its new team of content creators

The controversy of koi and its new content creators seems to have come to an end, we got the news earlier that both isawela What Kuro they had been disaffected of koi after having effectively passed the selection process of the Content Creators. After the community has exploded with comments both for and against, the organization that commands Ibai Plains Y Gerard Piqué was in charge of taking a step forward and presented together with the new team of Content Creatorsthe luxurious mansion where they will live while they are linked to the tents.

Skain was one of the protagonists of video, the former League of Legends player was in charge of giving you a brief tour of the new Koi House in the best style mtv cribs which, as we could see in the video, is valued at “more than 85 million euros» (85,490,100 euros to be exact) and is located in a town “quiet” of Catalonia. But the new and luxurious mansion of koi It is not the only novelty since as the video progressed Skain he was crossing with who will be the “tenants” of said house, that is, the new equipment of Content Creators of KOI.

KOI introduced its new Content Creators

With bells and whistles and a fun presentation, the tents were in charge of announcing which are the new reinforcements that join the team of Content Creatorswho will be living in the luxurious mansion in Catalonia. koi announced a total of four additions, with Skain to the head they also add Maylen, Shiro Y PauSenpai. As with the controversy isawela Y Kuro, there were comments of all tastes, however the great violet fans were in charge of giving a warm welcome to the quartet of streamers.

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