KOI presents its new house of streamers with Skain, Shiro, Maylén and Pau Senpai

koi has presented to three new signings. Three well-known content creators, who enter the payroll of the club created by Ibai and Piqué. They are Shiro, maylen Y pau senpai. All of them will live in a new streamers house together with Skain, also one of the latest signings.

The violet set had announced the entry of six new creators at the end of last year. Three were going to be already known and another three would come out of a selection process similar to the one they did with rioboo Y suzyrox.

Three people advertised on gamergy, but today it has been made public that none of them will be part of the team, although it was the candidates themselves who announced their non-entry. Two of them today, January 9, when the team informed them.

Shiro and Maylén have been together in CASE Esports, a club that still includes them in its list of creators on the web. Shiro’s main content is League of Legends, although we have also seen him participate in the Pokémon Twitch Cup.

Maylén also has LoL as one of his favorite titles, although he is not the only one he places there. The souls saga It is one of the passions of Argentina.

If the LoL unites all those mentioned so far, the case of Pau Senpai is no different. KOI’s house of streamers will have a lot to do with the Summoner’s Rift, although all of them are versatile creators. Pau’s last stream was playing The Forest.

Skain himself has been in charge of welcoming his new colleagues in a video posted on KOI’s social networks. They are ready to start their next adventure together.

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