League of Legends 2023: big changes in the ranking

Climbing the League of Legends ladder will now be a constant struggle with a distinct split system.

If League of Legends doesn’t phonetically rhyme with “competition,” it is nonetheless the sinew of its war. Between e-sports, which produces audience figures that make France Télévisions pale, and Crush Fierce in ranked games, Riot Games’ MOBA is known for unleashing passions. Being a Challenger isn’t just a rank in a video game, it’s simply a calling. Well tremble, fans of the ranked queue : the pace will intensifyas indicated in the official blog.

League of Legends: the ranking rules in 2023

As of 2023, the seasons will separate in two divisions, a bit like esports tournaments. A first segment begins tomorrow, Tuesday, February 10. In the middle of the year, your ranking will be reset again. You will have to redo your ranked games and start over from (almost) zero. We will be dealing with a soft resetwhich will track your progress to balance matchmaking.

So is it just a Sisyphus torture tool? Not really. Every pull apart will offer his share of the rewards : keys, Hextech chests… and above all, War Hero Skins for Everyone. These will no longer celebrate reaching Gold status and will be available to all players who have played a certain number of games to encourage competition and regular attendance. In return, you will unlock exclusive chromas based on your max rank. Reaching Gold, and beyond, will retain a modicum of Prestige.

Twice as many qualifiers per year for twice as many routines… and rewards

To facilitate your semester promotion, the series of promotions between levels will be simplified. From now on, it will only take two winning rounds to rank up. To see if this boost will be enough to smooth out the new formula, which may take quite some time…

League of Legends 2023 season begins on Tuesday, January 10. More details are available on the official blog. you can find the champion roadmap here.

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