League of Legends could improve its lore and history thanks to the success of Arcane

League of Legends It’s not just a multiplayer game with legions of fans. Riot Games has wanted to exploit the fictional universe in different ways since the playable characters have always been very charismatic and appealing to fans.

For this reason, Runeterra has been expanding with a lore that has told us the origin of the champions with whom we fight in the Summoner’s Rift. For years, Riot Games has been telling us the story of the world of League of Legends through text, events and cinematics…

However, everything changed when Arcane was released in Netflix. The animated series swept the reception and achieved the always difficult mission of interesting a majority audience beyond LoL fans.

Set in one of Runeterra’s regions and focusing on two very famous champions: Vi and Jinx, Arcane succeeded as few video game adaptations have done setting a precedent for Riot Games.

What direction is League of Legends lore going after Arcane?

After its success, it seems that the company is thinking a lot how to continue to represent the lore and history of League of Legends. The game’s executive producer, Jeremy ‘Brightmoon’ Lee has spoken about this issue with Dexerto.

We’ve been rethinking our approach to lore. Seeing the reaction to Arcane, we’re really aligning ourselves internally to have a more consistent lore representation that we provide to players.

Beyond the games, many players are fans of the world built around the game. However, on many occasions, the stories told have been few and somewhat inconsistent. Fortunately, all this could be improved in the future.

In general, you can expect more exciting content that is a collaboration with the League of Legends entertainment and development team., commented the producer. Arcane was something we collaborated on quite a bit, and we see even more opportunities to collaborate in the upcoming season.

You’ll see more connection points to the other entertainment content Riot is producing with League of Legends in the future. Another good example when dealing with the lore of the game has been Runation, a novel that tells us the story of Kalistaanother champion of the game.

Now it only remains to know what Riot Games’ plan is to continue shaping the world of League of Legends. Arcane will have a second season and that is one of the best news. In case you have monkey for the series, we leave you with 5 plots and stories that Arcane Season 2 could reveal on Netflix.

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