League of Legends: First Look at 2023 Skins

To start 2023 off right, Riot Games is showing off some of the skins we’ll be seeing in League of Legends in the coming months.

As League of Legends prepares to enter the 2023 season, Riot Games is already tickling our wallets. In fact, the American publisher released a handful of furs which will land in stores in the coming days. If the more popular themes like PROJECT or Dark Pulsar aren’t (yet) in the spotlight, the developers are counting on the return of a handful of unloved champions to entice you. Indeed, Kled, Ivern, Kalista and Aurelion Sol (which will also receive a rework) will return to the front of the stage.

League of Legends: here is the spring-summer 2023 collection

Kalistain particular, he will spearhead a new line of leathers, the courtyard of the four seasons. We find the Vengeance Specter in a very colorful outfit, with three butterfly wings. She is accompanied by the shaman Karma., radiant in their silken robes. If the visual atmosphere is reminiscent of Sylvester’s skins, the latter are now attached to the Elder Gods and the Assembly, this hellish cabal of witches who would not face each other in Dark Souls. Kalista and Karma will reinject some magic in this MOBA of brutes, even if Riot Brightmoon teases that we’ll also see a darker side. You can see them in the following gallery.

A little later, the first of April will delight animal lovers with the return of the Cats and Dogs event. Perched on a new canine steed, it is indeed the sieur Kled which will be at the heart of the festivities, which seems to face Family members in a friendly race. Nothing could be more surprising: the incarnation of death is well divided between the Lamb… and the Wolf!

League of Legends

By the first of April, Kled and Kindred will come and give their paw.

That’s all the information for now! At the same time, the 2023 season promises to be relatively dense, with the upcoming arrival of several champions. On the classified side, it is also the great revolution, with the introduction of two divisions by year.

The 2023 League of Legends season begins tomorrow, Tuesday, January 10.

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