League of Legends Ranking Changes Halve Season, Adjust Skin Rewards

League of Legends’ ranked system is getting quite a facelift in the 2023 MOBA season, as the competitive grind is halved by the new ‘ranked reset’, and its end-of-split rewards are also being changed.

League of Legends Ranking Changes: Two Divisions

Yes folks, you actually read that correctly. Instead of there only being a one-year ranked season, the division will now be split down the middle, with a ranked restart acting as a buffer between each new division. This is a softer restart than at the start of the year and will take into account how many games he played during the top flight.

“Starting this year, the two ranked divisions will have a full rank reset in the middle with rewards to match,” says LoL gameplay loop producer Chris ‘Auberaun’ Roberts. This is because “a lot of players return to League at the start of the season ready to move up to their ranked targets, but when we look at the data, it doesn’t take the entire season for players to reach their rank if they’ve been playing consistently every time.” patch”.

This means that most players peak around the middle of the year and are forced to keep playing to maintain their rank, which, according to Roberts, causes many to “resort to smurfing.”

Ranked changes seek to combat both the smurfing and the stress of maintaining your rank. Borrowing Roberts’ words, the developers are looking to make League “fit with the times” to match games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and even Riot’s flagship FPS game Valorant. In fact, when asked about the new system, he admits that “we took inspiration from Valorant and other parts of the industry, including Fortnite.

“We even considered three divisions instead of two, but we thought it would be a bit more radical to start with, so we’ll start with two and see what 2024 brings us.”

League of Legends Season 13 Ranked Rewards

Ranking is all about those rewards though, right? As Roberts mentioned, each division will have its own ranked rewards to match it, so yes, that means there will be two ranked skins up for grabs this year.

What makes this even better is that you no longer have to be gold to get the skin. Players of all ranks can now obtain it, with chromas that distinguish your final rank (iron is the base skin).

Importantly, the process of getting them at the lower ranks isn’t easy, which means you can’t just play ten games, lay down the iron, and get a free skin. You will need to play a significant amount of iron, bronze, and silver ranked games in order to get the skin.

A woman in a golden crown and fur-lined jacket sits on a Nordic-style throne holding a huge icy morning star that nuzzles an angry-looking boar.

As someone who loves LoL but sometimes goes out on the grass, I constantly talk myself out of ranked play because I can’t afford to spend the time on it. I also don’t play enough to get to a level I’m happy with (RIP my Plat days), so I’ve given up trying to get the victorious skins. To me, these changes are very positive and really “modernize” the game, to quote Roberts. For the first time in a long time me to wish to play ranked, I just need to convince my duo to put up with my whining.

All of these changes will be implemented on the start date of the 2023 League of Legends season, which is set for January 10. You can check out our League of Legends Patch 13.1 preview while you wait, as well as pick up your League of Legends Prime Gaming rewards before they’re gone.

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