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The transfer market is open. The clubs that participate in the different competitive leagues have had the opportunity to look for new talents during the pre-season stage. Let’s remember that the World Cup (Worlds 2022), the most important tournament in League of Legends in the season, ended on November 5.

The Latin American League will have important changes, including the inclusion of two new clubs. Globant Emerald lost the category in the Promotion/Relegation Tournament after losing against The Kings, a team from the North Regional.

Another of the clubs that joins the LLA this season is Six Karma, replacing XTEN Eports. This club will have one of the most important figures in the Latin American eSports scene: Rodrigo “yeti” del Castillo, known for being one of the best trainers in League of Legends.

These two clubs are joined by the six from last season: All Knights, Estral Esports, Infinity, Isurus, Team Aze and R7 will be renamed Movistar R7. Of course, this league has not been out of the transfer market, these are some surprises that we will see in 2023.


  • Luis “Pan” Bonilla Rodriguez.
  • Jesus “Grell” Loya Trujillo.
  • Lucas “Kaze” Fe.
  • Omar “Gavotto” Gavotto.
  • They are “Jelly” Ho-gyeong.
  • Markus “Ukkyr” Leuenberger.

Estral Esports

  • Emmanuel “Acce” Juarez.
  • Brandon “Josedeodo” Villegas.
  • Ji Cha “Takeover” Hyeun-min.
  • Lee “SamD” Jae-hoon.
  • Facundo “Shadow” Neck.
  • “Yang Yang” Gwang-pyo.

Team Azé

  • Read “Parang” Sang-won.
  • Juan “Dimitry” Hernandez Gonzalez.
  • Tomás “Aloned” Diaz Valiente.
  • Choi “Focus” Ji-hun.
  • Nicolás Ignacio “IgnaVilu1″ Viluron.
  • Pedro “Gafone” Ramos.

All Knights

  • Cristóbal “Zothve” Arróspide.
  • Lee “Chieftain” Jae-yub.
  • Francisco “Leza” Jara Barragan.
  • Nicolás “Vicium” Bravo Canales.
  • Yang “Minit” Hyeon-min.
  • Kim “Karam” Ga-ram.


  • Tomas “Zerito” Colangelo.
  • “Solid Snake” Vallejo Trujillo.
  • Kim “Keine” Jool-cheol.
  • Park “5kid” Jeong-hyeon.
  • Gabriel “Ackerman” Aparicio.
  • Gerson “Dye” Brown.

Six Karma

  • Cristian “Cody” Quispe Yampara.
  • Brian “Snaker” Distefano.
  • Diego “Shu Hari” Placencia Mora.
  • Rodrigo “Yeti” del Castillo.

As you can see, All Knights is not the only club betting on South Korean talent this season. Several of the teams have signed a young promise.

For now, the LLA has not revealed the start date of the season. Brazil confirmed that Split 1 will start on January 21, just like Europe. Five days later, it will be the turn of the LCS (North American League).

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