LEC 2023 winter split: teams, schedule and results

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The winter split of the LEC 2023 is already here and so that you don’t miss anything that has happened so far and everything that is to come, we bring you the calendar, all the teams, results and much more.

It shows, it feels, the highest European League of Legends competition is present. After several months of drought in the West, everything is back on track to see who wins the European champion with a new format and new days of broadcasting.

And it is that this year with so many changes within the teams during the transfer season it seems that everything could happen in the following months of competition.

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So that you don’t miss anything, we bring you the calendar, all the updated rosettes of the LEC 2023 spring and broadcast days.

Ready? Let’s start!

LEC 2023 winter split: everything you need to know

Changes to the LEC format

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The format of the LEC in 2023 will change radically

During 2023 and onwards the splits or seasons will have a new division. In this way, we went from the spring and summer split to the winter, spring and summer split.

In each of the splits and we will have a group phase to the best of one where only eight of the ten participating teams will pass. Here the matches will be the best of three and only four teams will make it to the playoffs. Here we will also find the traditional (and criticized) loser bracket. In total, each one will last six weeks.

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Looking ahead to the League of Legends World Cups, the six best teams in the region will face each other during the season. The winners of each of the splits will qualify directly for this phase together with the clubs that have achieved the highest score throughout the season.

  • Winter: January (regular season) – February (playoffs)
  • Spring: March (regular season) – April (playoffs)
  • Summer: June (regular season) – July (playoffs)

LEC 2023 calendar: winter split

LEC competition days have been moved to Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We will update with the results as the matches are played.

Saturday January 21

Sunday January 22

Monday, January 23

Saturday January 28

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Sunday January 29

Monday January 30

Saturday 4 February

Sunday February 5

Monday February 6

2023 LEC Winter Split Winter Squads

If you missed some of the signings that happened in the LEC during this offseason you can take a look here.

And that’s it! This is everything you need to know about the 2023 LEC season.

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