Minecraft: Best Version 1.19 Seeds in January 2023

We start a new year with new joys, and also with seeds for your games to Minecraft with many situations.

It is convenient to start the year on the right foot in Minecraft, and for this reason we have selected some of the best winter seeds that you can enjoy throughout this month and that we have found particularly interesting.

We are going to provide you with the corresponding seed, also exactly where they appear, and we are going to give you a series of coordinates of places that you should visit.

Are the best seeds of the month of January 2023 for Minecraft that we have found, and that encompass a multitude of situations.


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Minecraft: Best Version 1.19 Seeds in January 2023

Seed: 3477968804511828743

Where we appear we find a mansion surrounded by trees and we will be able to establish a base within the dark forest biome.

Seed: 346037736138


This is a game more focused on survival on a frozen lake, which also contains a town on the surface and an igloo. You will find an ancient city just below the town.

Seed: -7131156205955831082

Triple dungeons never happen, except for now, so go to coordinates -730, -10, -940, and on top of that you will have a lot of enemy spawners like zombies and skeletons.

Seed: 12370816993565

We will leave on an island focused on survival with a town and a mansion in a forest. You will also find two adjacent islands very close with many different types of wood, and in front there are some oceanic ruins and a shipwreck that you must visit.

Seed: 107038380838084

We will find an endless mine shaft below where we will appear, where the game code generates the same pattern over and over again.

Seed: 6487992


We will leave in a large circular mountain valley with a village and also with a lot of underground riches through the natural caves. We are going to find a large lake to the west with an oceanic monument at coordinates -350, -250.

Seed: -9843472981270294

We are going to locate an island town at coordinates 200.50 which is very close to where we appear, and then another town on the mainland at coordinates 850.200.

Seed: -119262580200954711

For beginners, we recommend this seed that has three villages and two blacksmiths, and if you go east on top of that you will find some of the largest mushroom island biomes you have ever seen.

Seed: 3477968804511828743


We will leave in a forest mansion at medium height, but still very high to explore, and it has a hollow base that houses a large number of enemies, so you have to be careful.

Seed: 4001739

Another survival seed, offering two villages and a blacksmith. The villages share the shores of a lake, and there is an igloo nearby at coordinates 350.50.

With the best seeds above, you already have more than enough fun for the whole month of January in your Minecraft games.

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