Plans for the next Fortnite concerts are leaked

Fortnite’s next in-game concert may be coming soon, and details about Epic Games’ plans have already leaked.

Fortnite has become a destination for exciting music events, much to the surprise of many. Music events by Travis Scott, Marshmello, Diplo, Ariana Grande, and many more have proven to be an eye-catching way to bring massive audiences to Fortnite and draw attention to artists. The next musical star to appear in Fortnite seems to be ready.

There are multiple types of music experiences that can be found in Fortnite, event by event. These include live events like Travis Scott’s Astronomical. These types of events involve a single playlist being available and can only be experienced through scheduled start times.

Alternatively, there are Party Royale events, which are more casual experiences that start regularly like a normal Fortnite match. The bigger acts tend to be live events, where they get more attention, while the smaller acts tend to be Party Royale events, where they can get a more long-term focus.

The next Fortnite concert, according to Insider Gaming, will be the Kid LAROI. Leaked details indicated that the Fortnite x the Kid LAROI concert will begin on January 24 or 25, but will remain available for a month after its debut.

Unfortunately, the report was unable to confirm any details regarding the format or the availability of microtransactions, although it seems likely that this is a Party Royale event with purchasable skins.

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