Rekkles accused of being “problematic” for his time at Kcorp

Published: 2023-01-09T10:12:13

Updated: 2023-01-09T11:10:14

Striker, a former Kcorp coach, claims that Rekkles was a problem player due to skipping scrims and team meetings forcing senior club officials to speak to the League of Legends player about his behavior.

Martin “Rekkles” Larrson is one of the professionals in League of Legends most accomplished and recognized on the western scene. His time at Fnatic consolidated him as one of the best players of all time, although after leaving the club his results left much to be desired.

Although French club Kcorp has not had any public complaints about Rekkles’ stint in the LFL, his former manager, Striker, has made a number of allegations related to his conduct while wearing the team’s jersey.

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Striker defines Rekkles’ attitude within the club where he would have been absent from scrims and meetings with the rest of his teammates as “problematic”.

rekkles kcorpKcorp/Rekkles

The signing of Rekkles by Kcorp revolutionized the League of Legends community

Rekkles would have been troublesome at Kcorp

The signing of Rekkles by Kcorp left much of the community speechless. The French community celebrated it with great impetus but the decision to play in a regional league was the result of contract problems that he had with G2 that prevented him from joining another LEC team, according to the player himself. streaming.

After the official announcement that Rekkles was returning to Fnatic, Striker has broken his silence and talked about the ADC passing through the club.

The article continues after the announcement.

We have the English translation thanks to the Reddit user u/g2luffy97:

Both myself and the organization had to call him out and talk to him about his behavior.

The thing was that if we left him on the bench we couldn’t sell him in the offseason because other teams would understand that he was a problematic player. The result was that there was no “good” solution for the competitive year, but neither was there a “good” solution for the offseason.”.

After his statements, Striker published another tweet that responded to a user who accused him of creating drama and not telling the truth, claiming that at least he was trying to give his best to the team.

The article continues after the announcement.

I did not refuse to play a double block of scrims. Nor was I disrespectful to who paid my salary. I did not refuse to go to a dinner with the team because my taxi was not there when I left the airport”.

In parallel, a Kcorp fan dug up an old jesiz clip where it said that Rekkles “he was sneaking off to his room and didn’t really want to be part of the team”.

At the time of writing this news, Rekkles has not made any kind of statement in this regard.

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