Riot Games renews one of Valorant’s classic maps, but the changes are so small that the community doesn’t take them seriously: This is the new Split – Valorant

Chapter 6 comes to Valorant with the introduction of new lotus map as great news. However, this will not be the only big news that will come to the game with the next episode change. Players will also be able to celebrate the comeback from splitwho returns to the competitive rotation after having been missing for a few months in which Riot Games He promised to take it through the shop to make changes. Adjustments that are already ready and that, yes, have not had the scope that the community expected.

All changes to Bind, the map that returns in Chapter 6 of Valorant

Most of the adjustments this new scenario has received are limited in scope. The static defense of the A point, making the opening of the attackers more unpredictable and limiting the advantageous ‘picks’ that the defenders could take. Something similar has happened in Spike’s other planting area, although even less noticeable. In it point of B the decision has been to eliminate the possibility of peeking over the box in the Tower area (Heaven) to defend the entry from the middle and soften the angle in “drops”, creating a very interesting area to defend the main entrance.

We know that map changes are very difficult to visualize unless we can see them, and that is why we have compiled them in a couple of images.

Split A Valorant Changes

Split B Valorant

Although the changes will have notable effects on the game when dealing with locations of high importance, it remains to be seen if they will fix all the problems that the map had. The Valorant community does not trust Riot Games’ work too much this time, although most players were eager for a change in the competitive rotation. As a reminder, both Split and Lotus go into it; Breeze and Bind being eliminated.

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