Riot Games shares what’s coming to League of Legends in its 2023 season

A preview of what the future holds for League of Legends and a new LoL Esports event usher in the new season, which begins on January 10.

Riot Games has kicked off the 2023 season of the most popular MOBA in the world with a video that shows what the future holds for League of Legends and the esports of the title.

The event will officially kick off the ranked and tournament season of League of Legends for casual gamers and professionals respectively. In addition, it will also serve for players to find out about all the content that will arrive throughout the year.

The team of League of Legends discussed Ahri’s Art and Sustainability Update (ASU), Aurelion Sol’s Full UGF Update, Ranked Mid-Year Reset, 2023 Champion Roadmap, and more .

Also, LoL Esports previously announced a new competitive event, New Beginnings, which will kick off on January 10 to celebrate the start of the 2023 season.

Make your mark in this new year and on the leaderboard thanks to the missions of the 2023 season and get the following rewards:

  • 2 hextech chests and keys
  • 6 icons
    • Precision Icon
    • Domination Icon
    • Witchcraft Icon
    • Icon Value
    • Inspiration Icon
    • rune book icon
  • 3000 blue essences
  • 8 Champion Shards
    • Yasuo
    • Zed
    • sejuani
    • Pantheon
    • Wukong
    • Aatrox
    • Yorick
    • Katarina
  • 2023 Season Opening Icon and 2023 Season Icon
  • Guardian Aspect Leaving Mark

Ahri’s ASU is right around the corner with updates they have made to their basic design, skins, visual effects, artwork, and nine-tails. You can also expect them to roll out larger updates to revamp the gameplay of older champions and modernize the roster.

In Aurelion Sol’s CGU, a completely new skill kit will be released for the Star Forger. While the LoL team of champions continues to invest resources in making the roster of champions more diverse and representative of all cultures, genders and skill levels in each role. In 2023, new champions will be released, like Milio, an Ixtali wizard, and Naafiri, an Unseelie assassin going mid lane.

League of Legends will renew aspects in 2023characters like Kalista, Aurelion Sol, Ivern and Kled will receive new skins, starting with the first event of the new year, Lunar Gods and Mythmakers.

Starting this year, the classification between the two qualifying splits is restartedMatching rewards will be implemented to keep LoL up to current expectations and thus put an end to various stress-related issues that lead to LP loss and mid-year drops.

ANDBetween January 10 and 11, The LCS, LEC, LCK, LPL, LJL, CBLOL, LLA, PCS, and VCS will host a two-day special event where we will preview the 2023 season and introduce players highlights of the year. This will give fans an idea of ​​what the 2023 Rift season will look like and what LoL Esports has planned for that year.

The New Beginnings event will replace the All-Stars of League of Legends. Although players and fans alike have had plenty of unforgettable memories at the All-Stars over the years, the current planning can be challenging for many of its participants.

Replacing All-Stars with New Beginnings will allow professional players to take a well-deserved break and offer fans an exciting new platform to complement the local competitions and celebrations that different regions often host at the end of the year.

To celebrate all the changes in the jungle, League of Legends poses a special social impact challenge for players around the world. For every 100 Season 2023 missions players complete by June 24, Riot Games will donate one dollar to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, in partnership with ImpactAssets, to support environmental conservation, up to a total of one million dollars. Dollars.

If you want to know more about this year’s news, you can visit the official website and pay attention to the different posts from the Riot Games team. There is no doubt that a 2023 loaded for LoL is coming.

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