Riot removes the most absurd restriction in League of Legends: Starting in Season 13, it will allow players to choose a language without limitations – League of Legends

League of Legends is heading for a large number of changes on the occasion of the premiere of its Season 13. A new cycle that has started with the presentation of new champions, novelties in the system of qualifying games or reworks. However, perhaps the transformation that has most attracted the attention of some players was one of the last mentioned by the executive producer of the video game. A cherry on the cake that comes to fulfill a request that had been ringing among the community for more than a decade and that will finally be fulfilled. Throughout this year, Riot Games will allow you to choose the language of the video game without restrictions.

End to one of the most absurd ‘bans’ of League of Legends

Although it is a standard in almost all video games for years, especially when we talk about digital products, League of Legends language is restricted based on region where we were running the game. For example, we could not choose the Brazilian language on the EUW server to which we connected from Spain. A very painful measure if we migrate to another part of the world, but also for a very large group of players who would prefer to have the voices in another language. There are not a few tutorials throughout the internet in which we find how to add the Japanese or Korean dubbing to our game files.

Players will now be able to opt out of these practices, which were not officially approved by Riot Games. Although there is still no estimated date for the introduction of the language switcher nor the details have been offered, hopefully the new League of Legends feature will have a operation similar to that of Valorant. The process in this game is somewhat cumbersome, since voices and text are tied to a single option. However, it is easy to carry out a modification that allows us to differentiate between the two. Also, since all the necessary files are available at the discretion of the user, we do not take risks with third-party downloads.

Valorant Language

Selecting the language in Valorant is very simple

Now Riot Games only has to eliminate the other great incomprehensible restriction that exists in the game. For some reason that has never been disclosed, It is not possible to play League of Legends in mode “disconnected without going to external programs. An astonishing situation for any non-MOBA player that has also been constantly requested over the past decade.

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