The 22 Most Relaxing Nintendo Switch Games

Is there anything better to de-stress than playing relaxing nintendo switch games after leaving study or work? Stress and anxiety have increased exponentially after the pandemic. And some studies indicate that video games help treat these problems. This is confirmed, for example, by a study carried out by the Research Center of the Irish Science Foundation of the Department of Software Sciences (LERO). For this reason, in this article we will show you some of the most relaxing video games available for the hybrid console.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The best relaxing game exclusive of nintendoswitch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Nintendo Switch Relaxing Game

The relaxing game exclusive of nintendoswitch by excellence. It has much more content than its previous ones, its essence continues to be maintained and the customization has improved a lot. An ideal video game to hang out, play at your own pace and escape. On the other hand, the colors and the characters help convey that feeling of carelessness.

Stardew Valley. One of the relaxing games most popular of nintendoswitch

Stardew Valley - Nintendo Switch Relaxing Game

Farming video games are in vogue in recent years as a result of Stardew Valley, whom many consider one of the most relaxing games of nintendo switch. The truth is that there are many tasks that you can perform here and it has a large amount of content. No wonder it is considered by many to be the ultimate farming game.

Shin Chan: My summer with the teacher. He was one of the relaxing games most awaited for nintendoswitch

Shin Chan: My summer with the teacher

It was revealed in a Nintendo Direct in Japan. After his announcement, social networks were flooded with comments asking that Shin Chan: My summer with the teacher It will be released in the west. Here we drive Shin Chan and we will be able to fish, garden, help in a newspaper, hunt insects, talk to other people, etc. Designed to play at your own pace and in a relaxed and leisurely way. Its static backgrounds are beautiful and are very reminiscent of anime.

Doraemon Story of Seasons

Doraemon Story of Seasons

Raising animals, fishing, cultivating, harvesting to earn money and other typical activities of these relaxing games. It is worth noting its artistic style and the settings. All the characters are very friendly, which contributes to that very relaxed atmosphere that it transmits.



Depends on how you play Minecraft can be one of most relaxing games of nintendoswitch. Building your house as you like, decorating as you please, creating your farm, cultivating, exploring, raising animals and mining is, without a doubt, very relaxing. All this added to the music so calm that it has.

New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap - Nintendo Switch Relaxing Game

Do you find Pokémon adorable? maybe you should try New Pokémon Snap. The goal is to take pictures of the Pokémon you see. The courses are on rails, so there’s really no freedom of movement and all you can do is move the camera. A radar can also be used to find hidden objects. The idea is to enjoy the locations and see how the Pokémon move in their habitat.

Yoshi’s Crafted World

Yoshi's Crafted World

Here everything is happy and cotton! A relaxing, simple, fun and entertaining platform game. In addition, it has cooperative and an exceptional artistic style.

Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods

It may not fit as well on the list as others that are here, since in Night in the Woods the narrative is much more important than others on this list. And it becomes quite emotional and emotional. However, it fits as relaxing game of nintendoswitch and will leave you some reflections on life. We play an anthropomorphic cat who returns to her town after dropping out of college.

Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game

A relaxing game with a great sense of humor. We control a goose that is dedicated to mischief. We simply have to complete the missions that the video game asks of us.

GRAY. Impossible not to be moved by this relaxing nintendo switch game

GRAY - Nintendo Switch Relaxing Game

what to say about GRAY? Visually it is very beautiful and the music completely immerses you in the game. It is not difficult to be moved, his scenes manage to transmit certain emotions thanks to the combination of the visual, music and silence.

Spiritfarer. The message of this relaxing game of nintendoswitch will not leave you indifferent

Spiritfarer - Nintendo Switch Relaxing Game

Artistically it is very beautiful. And the same what GRAY, also has a clear intention to convey certain emotions. It has a lot of content and the story lasts a long time. His message will not leave you indifferent, especially for the way in which it is treated.

A Short Hike

A Short Hike - Nintendo Switch Relaxing Game

A Short Hike is a relaxing indie game exploration. The beauty of this video game is going at your own pace exploring every corner of the map. Much prettier than it appears at first glance.



Yes, a video game of unpacking and sorting objects. It is simple, but relaxing.

A Little to the Left

A Little to the Left

A Little to the Left It’s a game of tidying up and preventing our cat from messing things up. Its aesthetic is very nice.

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats

It is true that many players who at the time tried nintendogs on the DS This delivery may seem insufficient for not having added more content, more news and having made better use of the potential of the nintendo switch. However, it is still one of the most relaxing games console if you like dogs and/or cats. It also doesn’t have much of a variety of races and leaves a lot to be desired in many aspects, although it fulfills its mission within what is possible. Possibly it is one of those games that the little ones in the house enjoy the most or those users who have not played nintendogs.

bear and breakfast

bear and breakfast

Apart from relaxing, bear and breakfast it is funny. The characters are charismatic and it is accompanied by an interesting story. If it catches your attention, nintenderos We have an analysis of it.


Abzü - Nintendo Switch Relaxing Game

Impress yourself and let yourself be carried away by the wonderful beauty of the sea. Abzü It plays very well with lighting, colors and the environment in general.

Old Man’s Journey

Old Man's Journey

A graphic adventure without dialogues. The puzzles are simple and the story is very emotional. The art style is very nice and it goes really well with the music and soundtrack of the game. Old Man’s Journey it will touch your heart

Cozy Grove. Certain elements of this relaxing game of nintendoswitch remind of Animal Crossing

Cozy Grove

It compares quite a bit to Cozy Grove with Animal Crossing and, in a way, you see a clear inspiration in him. Although it is also very different and stands out a lot in his visual style.

Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk

Among the simplest of relaxing games to nintendo switch. Here we serve coffee and drinks to people who tell us their stories.



We will have to photograph what we are asked to do. Sometimes they can even be something more abstract. Very relaxing and enjoyable.

Sky: Children of the light. A relaxing game to nintendoswitch gratuitous

Sky: Children of Light - Nintendo Switch Relaxing Game

One of the best free games of nintendoswitchas well as relaxing. As we progress we will discover more about this universe that can be enjoyed both solo and cooperatively.

what do you think of these relaxing games of nintendoswitch? Have you played any? Would you include anyone else on the list?

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