The Kings make history with their women’s roster

The Kings will have a roster full of players. Find out here who will be part of the Mexican squad.

The Kings, the Mexican organization recently promoted to the Latin American League of League of Legends, has made history with its academy by being the first Latin American team to have an all-female roster. The organization, despite having earned the chance to compete in the highest LATAM league, maintained its place in the DDH, the LVP of Mexico and its roster will be full of the best players on the continent.

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The Kings roster female

«From distant lands some queens arrive to show what they are made of»commented the official account of The Kings in the announcement of their roster. The roster conforms to valuxitax (former Globant Academy and one of the most promising players) in the toplane, Anita (ex Globant Academy) in the jungle, Midalia in the middle lane, Shayla as the team’s shooter, sophyre as support and finally, mell will be the substitute. Devil Y mihilea They will be the most important pieces of the staff.

The announcement was very well received by the community and a large part of comments thanked the team for the initiative they took. “You They are the example of many teams that should do the same, every day I am more proud from you” expressed an user. Without a doubt, this will be a historic moment for the life of esports in Latin America and that is why the organization, like the entire roster, has received great support, wishing them to play a good role in the league.

valuxitax spoke with Codigo Esports and told what this step in her career means to her. «On the personal side, I always liked competing and learning to play because I always liked LoL, so competing against people who already have a lot of experience means a lot of learningof which I see myself capable because both since I started playing and since I began to compete I have grown and learned a lot” said the player and continued talking about the team: “I feel a lot of pressure because although it may be personal growth, At the group level I feel that there are a lot of pressures, even if it is a great opportunity and something new, something that starts to change the paradigm a bit does not mean that we have much more pressure than any other team«.

What do you think, how will this roster that has brought together the best players from all of LATAM fare? Leave your opinion on our social networks (TwitterInstagram and TikTok).

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