The new map of Valorant, Lotus, has already been presented

The new Valorant map has already been presented and brings endless new features, both aesthetic and playable. The Riot Games shooter has presented what will be its 9th map which will arrive clearly inspired by the Indian stepped wells and with a strong historical component. The study was looking for a map that suggested a great adventure and Lotus, which is what the map is called, seems to be ready for this task.

Briam Yam, Valorant’s conceptual art director, has commented that they sought to explore the theme of adventure, of lost mysteries in the purest Indiana Jones style. As we can see, the map looks like ancient ruins that could well keep a hidden secret, but nothing further, because it has secrets, but they will not be hidden. Lotus is the first map after Pearl and will be released alongside Act 1 Episode 6 of Valorant on January 10 along with the new battle pass.

The new map of Valorant, Lotus, has already been presented

As we mentioned before, the new Valorant map is inspired by the ruins of adventure movies and It comes with important additions for the players. One of these additions will be the indestructible revolving doorsAlthough until now we have seen doors that open and close and others that can be destroyed, this time, the new Valorant map adds these types of doors to add more tension to the games. Along with the revolving doors, there are also breakable walls, which can be destroyed to leave new lines of fire and new areas through which to advance.

Too was used to comment on the theme of the next battle pass, which will have the lunar year and Valentine’s Day as the main themes. Thus, Valorant continues its path as the owner and lord of tactical shooters today, placing Riot Games as one of the strongest companies in the e-Sports sector in the world with a shooter with more and more maps, more characters and more players that add to the title. I cannot say goodbye without reminding you that if you are PC Game Pass users you will enjoy advantages in Riot Games, such as having all the agents unlocked at the start or an extra 20% experience in Valorant.

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