the shock hammer has been temporarily disabled

Since she began chapter 4, we have had a lot of fun using a new weapon or suffering when it is used against us. We are talking about the Shock Hammer, which has been quite controversial among players of Fortnite and that it was suddenly disabled on the night of Sunday, January 8, 2023.

Immediately after his disappearance from the game, the situation was publicly notified through the official Fortnite Status account.

According to the statement, the Shock Hammer was disabled from Fortnite due to “a problem”. There is no doubt that the problem in question was a ‘bug’ that allowed to use this tool to bounce indefinitely.

The statement says that Epic Games plans to restore this item in the next game update, when the issue is resolved.. Although they did not give a date for this, it will most likely happen in the next few days. This would be contrary to what happened with Deku’s Smash, which never returned to the game after being disabled.

Meanwhile, hammer haters will be able to play happily without worrying about an opponent falling out of the sky to smash them to the ground. When I come back, remember that you have at your disposal a shield that can resist your blows.

Font: official Fortnite Status Twitter account

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