The VCL surprises on its opening day

With the arrival of 2023, the VCL has been launched again, it has had a start where it has already been possible to see some surprise or other. falcons is placed in the first position for the moment, followed by Rebels Gaming Y Zeta Gaming. The vast majority of the matches were closely contested where the teams gave a high level.

Falcons sweep AYM Esports

The LCV was inaugurated with the day between falcons Y AYM Esportsthe duel was played in Haven where the falcons were far superior in all respects. He started in the defensive role falcons, a role they played spectacularly. The first three rounds started with 3 retakes of the defenders in the if you of A and B, respectively. AYM Esports tried the same strategy again with a peekeo aggressive in the middle window, but Guardy he drew a double kill. AYM rotated towards if you from tobut once again Guardy stopped his plans by signing a ACE. The retakes they kept coming from the falcons making a defense of a high level. The entries they were not entirely good and finally closed the first half with an 11-1. In the attack rounds they attacked the if you of C and placed 13-1.

ZETA Gaming surprises Movistar Riders

The clash between ZETA Y Movistar Riders was played in Ice box, a map that was very even. They started attacking the horsemen with two rounds entering the if you of B with some entries where they stayed with a lot of superiority and in this way they secured the points in a simple way. ZETA reacted with a retake where the plan of the riders was somewhat risky. those of saiko They decided to change the strategy by attacking A, something that gave them good results. However, those of saiz won three rounds in a row to tie the tie, but Movistar Riders it made it 7-5 at the end of the first half. The change of roles arrived and with it the reaction of ZETAthe first round was taken with a rushing to the if you from B. In the second round they attacked A, but they rotated B quickly, making the plant to put the tie. The riders took the lead again with a retakebut finally ZETA managed to take the victory with a 13-10 thus giving the first surprise of the LCV.

Rebels Gaming starts off strong

Ramboot Club debuted against Rebels Gaminga match where the robots fought to the end, but failed to win. ramboot started very strong in the attack, made good entries in both sites of Ice box, where they entered very close together and took control of the point area in a simple way. The rebels reacted with 3 consecutive rounds, stopping the robots’ offensive with good rotations. The entries of ramboot were being frantic, but the peekeos of rebels They were quite aggressive and in advanced areas. The first part ended with maximum equality with a 6-6 on the scoreboard. With the change of roles, the rebels found their best version and managed to win. On many occasions they began by attacking the if you from A, but rotated to B, a strategy that worked for them. Finally, they secured the victory with a 13-9.

KPI debuts with victory in the VCL

There was a confrontation between two of this season’s candidates, KPIs versus team cheesetwo teams with very good rosters and with a high level. She started defending team cheese in Pearl, a defense that was very good and put them ahead in the light. In the round of pistols they stopped the attack in the if you from A, and in the second round they caught KPI in the middle of the map to finish off all its members. those of kyrrz rushed B to get his first round added. team cheese was very comfortable in defense, they made several retakes to finish the first half with an 8-4. The turn came for KPIs in defense and achieved a spectacular comeback. They put the padlock on both sites and they won 6 consecutive rounds to take the lead. 6 rounds where they made good rotations and 2 retakes demonstrating the high level they have. team cheese managed to get ahead once again on the scoreboard, but finally those from jonba placed the final 13-11.

The duel of the candidates

The last day of the LCV was going to close with the meeting between Case Esports Y Ucam Esports, two of the candidates to lift the title. It was a very disputed duel, so much so that it was resolved in extra time where UCAM he took the win. The match was played in Pearl where the offensive role was for case, an offensive role that they were very good at, managing to close the first half with a 9-3 lead. They were quite aggressive attack rounds, especially in the if you of B. Despite this great advantage, UCAM got the comeback to the epic. those of Yuno they put on work overalls in attack, they managed to win 6 rounds in a row where in the majority they carried out the plant of the spike. In round 15, good old family signed a ACE spectacular. The match reached extra time, a overtime where UCAM successfully defended the if you of A. In the attack round UCAM he became strong in the middle of Pearl signing the final victory.

The LCV It has started in an incredible way and on the first day it has been possible to see the high level of all the teams.

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