Unorthodox support wreaking havoc on solo queue

In the words of Lee Sang-hyeok «Faker«, the best player in history, one of the virtues of League of Legends is that «It has countless aspects that make you feel that you are playing a new game in each game». The ability to change is one of the reasons that have made the Riot Games title one of the most successful video games. However, sometimes that originality provided by the game ends in consequences not expected by the designers, something that has happened to Twitch.

According to data from U.GG, currently Twitch is one of the best supports of League of Legends by having a win rate of 50.78%. With almost 400,000 games played, the Plagued Rat stands as a great answer to all the support enchanters. Despite being originally designed to be a shooter -not without counting its presence in the jungle-, the rat has found a new niche within the video game.

However, Twitch’s style of play as support It has generated love and hate among the community. Many players are delighted with the new addition of the rat, but others believe that Riot Games should make changes for being an ‘unnatural’ selection. The rat’s style of play is based on leaving only his online shooter to do ganks unexpected to the rest of the classmates. The character uses this strategy taking advantage mainly of his Ambush (Q) from him, which turns him invisible.

The popular strategy to play Twitch support generates criticism since some players consider that the objective is really to be the hypercarry of the game. In addition, another aspect to take into account is the purchase of objects. Plagued Rat as support is cast for magic damage via Nashor’s Tooth and Broken Queen’s Crown. The champion will not receive changes in patch 13.1, so the discussion will continue to be open within the community.

Twitch support runes and build played by T1 player Keria | Screenshot via Pro Builds

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