VALORANT streamers and pros lash out at ranked betting

For many fans, being able to work as a content creator or professional gamer would be a dream come true. However, like all jobs, both positions have some downsides. One of them is the stream sniping, a practice that consists of seeing the figure that is live to obtain illegal advantages. In any case, lately one of those big problems is betting against recognizable faces on the Internet, a situation that has also exploded in VALORANT.

Different content creators and professional players have exploded against betting on ranked. Figures like the streamer Tarik Celik or the in-game leader (IGL) of NRG, Pujan Mehta “FNS”, have lashed out at some cryptocurrency bookmakers. The personalities complain about how the houses enable bets in ranked of creators or professionals, something that enables match fixing during live broadcasts. Both claim that, in the case of having a player who bets on their team, they intentionally lose live games to obtain live financial gain. In other words, they compromise the sporting integrity of the qualifiers.

«If there is a gambler crypto on the other team, can we all accept losing the game? I want them to lose every penny“, has affirmed the IGL of NRG through Twitter. As the founder of Full Squad Gaming, Jake Lucky, has pointed out, the problem has been spreading in VALORANT for months but it was not until recently that the patience of those affected has exploded. However, within Riot Games titles, this situation is not new since it also happens in League of Legends.

In October the League of Legends community got EsportsBeta cryptocurrency bookmaker, will close the option to bet on ranked. The constant complaints from both players and content creators like Tyler Steinkamp”Tyler1» They made the company reconsider. The problem of betting against recognizable figures has come to plague even Lee Sang-hyeok «Faker«, the considered best player in history. Over the last year the T1 star has claimed that he would not play ranked due to how many try to sabotage him to make money.

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