Valorant: The first impressions and curiosities of Lotus, the new map that will come to the game

Lotus He has entered through the front door. The new map that will land in the sixth Episode of Valorant has been well received by the community. The content creators and other users who have been able to try it for the moment have a positive assessment of these areas set in India, and with hardly any criticism, apparently notorious, that this map has entered through Breeze, it seems a success.

Throughout the article, we will tell several curiosities of this new mapas well as small tips and tricks so that when you enter you can surprise your friends or opponents with some knowledge about various areas of the map.

Revolving doors break all abilities

The revolving doors are one of the most fun parts of the Lotus. Being able to move or troll enemies and allies with these doors makes it have a unique mechanic in Valorant. In addition, these doors are a double-edged sword and in which we do not recommend placing any abilities, since they break. We have been able to see it in various videos from content creators such as Irenefields, in the case of Killjoy, such as Black, one of the channels with the most information on the day-to-day life of the shooter Riot Games tactician.

So you already know, don’t use the skills in the door outline, If you don’t want them to be destroyed and you look stupid when you see that you have invested ultimate orbs or credits to buy them and see how they are destroyed in the blink of an eye. The door of A has a tree and in it you can hide and camp when the rivals open, so check that angle well and prevent them from stabbing you or taking a round from the rival team with shotguns

How do you know when the door is going to break?

There is a door that connects B with A that can be broken by bullets. and of skills. At the moment we have also seen a curious interaction, and that is that Raze’s ultimate can kill the opponent who is on the other side of the door. This door has a blue flower that changes to a reddish tone as it breaks.

As far as abilities are concerned, Raze’s grenade can break it, but others like Viper’s poisons, or Raze’s own C4 cannot. What we recommend is that you shoot it with a secondary weapon and equip the main weapon once you have broken it, if you want to play aggressive in that area.

Various stuffed areas on the map

These areas are not visible on the map, and you need to have ghost mode activated to be able to explore them. These are at the end of A and C and there are several stuffed animals on them. One of the areas with punk-style teddy bears and the other with normal stuffed animals as if they were worshiping a sculpture.

Without a doubt, Lotus offers us a large number of possibilities within this Valorant map set in India. In a few hours I will enter the official server, and with it an exclusive way for all players to know all the ins and outs of this place that will soon take over the rankings of the shooter.

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