What are the VALORANT Challengers League and Open Qualifiers?


The competitive format of VALORANT changed for this 2023 and now the Challengers League are in the background, although they will serve to give more visibility and opportunity to the different regions.

What are the VALORANT Challengers League and Open Qualifiers?
What are the VALORANT Challengers League and Open Qualifiers?

Riot Games launched the franchise system in VALORANT for this 2023. The VCT It will have three main regions (EMEA, America and Pacific), where franchises will compete annually to win the leagues and qualify for prestigious international tournaments.

What are the VALORANT Challengers 2023?

As a result, changes have emerged in the VALORANT Challengers, which will become secondary leagues for countries/regions, seeking to raise the level of local competition in each of these places. In total we will have 23 VALORANT Challengers leagues, where Riot Games will invite some teams, and the rest will have to earn their place from the Open Qualifiers.

The VALORANT Challengers Leagues in 2023 will be as follows:


• North America
• North Latin America
• South Latin America
• Brazil

EMEA (9)

• North Europe
• East of Europe
• Spain
• France
• Italy
• Portugal
• Turkey


• South of Asia
• Oceania
• South Korea
• Philippines
• Hong Kong & Taiwan
• Indonesian
• Japan
• Malaysia & Singapore
• Thailand
• Viet Nam

Each league will have a different format, which will be in charge of the organization of the competition, since we will have a different number of teams in each of them.

What are Open Qualifiers?

As for the Open Qualifiers, they will be for teams that apply to compete for the unoccupied slots in their regional leagues, and they will have to compete to obtain those free slots and thus participate in one of the VALORANT Challengers League.

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