A reinvention to turn ‘zero’ into ‘one’

We can never settle for what we have been. We always have to look to the past, see ourselves both at the lowest and at the highest to try to go much further. Victories always serve us to see which path we should follow, while defeats are those bitter moments that will help turn the future into something much sweeter.

Giants Gaming’s 2022 was turbulent to say the least. The Spring Split 2022 was closed out of playoffs, something that as they rescued from the organization itself was a disaster. Thus we come to a summer campaign in which they bet everything for everything. A roster completely offensive that would seek to lift a new Super League title. Nothing is further from reality. Despite winning the regular season, the Giants would fall in the Grand Final Devastated by a Team Heretics that currently remains the best ERL team.

In view of these results, from Giants Gaming they have decided to start from scratch. Forget everything they had learned to date, everything surrounding that League of Legends squad, and reduce everything to absolutely nothing. Now comes the time to make that ‘zero’ become a ‘one’to go from having everything to nothing to, later, return to the top.

After all, you can’t get to the top by building on foundations that have already shaken in the past. And the best way to get to that ‘zero’ is to abandon the more expensive names in favor of a ‘smaller’ squad. A roster made up of professionals who are capable of playing as what they are, a true team. To do this they have the support of all their fans and, of course, big brands of the caliber of KitKatwith whom they have been working side by side since last January 2021.

Giants Gaming begins its redemption in Superliga

Great has been the work they have done from the Giants offices. Sometimes they have even been forced to make more than complicated decisions. But that has not been an impediment to form a roster who will seek to win everything. Under the command of someone with unparalleled experience such as André Pereira «Guilhoto«, the five players from the Malaga organization will give everything for everything in the Summoner’s Crack.

Daniel Aitbelkacem «Scarface“Phil Qing”Alby“Nicolas Gawron”decay«, Amadeu Carvalho «attila» and Paul Lardin «stand» will be the five warriors who will fight under the Giants shield. They have all had adventures abroad, in other organizations and have built themselves as players. They created their own personalities and styles that have made them what they are today. But that has to change. Now they have to abandon all their old waysturn everything into a ‘zero’ to be a true team and become that ‘one’. A ‘one’ that they will have to transform into a ‘hundred’ if they want to beat the rest of the Super League clubs.

«Giants have created a roster with players who have great potential and who really know how to work as a team. They’re not the biggest names in each of their roles, but I think all of us together are capable of greatly improving.«, he rescued Alby ahead of the start of Spring Split 2023. The jungler is clear that they will start something in tow, although as the weeks progress it is clear that they can be real contenders to lift the title.

By last, Alby wants to send a message to all the fans. «Whether you’re a Giants fan or mine, I hope you’ll support me through thick and thin. I want to show that I can go much further than what I already revealed last year and become a true top jungler in Super League.”

There are still a few days until the competition starts. will be the January 16 when we first see this template in action. Let’s take a break, sit back and enjoy, because the best League of Legends competition is about to start.

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