Can you catch a shiny Salamence in Mega Salamence raids in Pokémon Go?

When you’re fighting a Mega Pokemon in Pokemon Go, defeating the Pokemon is one of the few ways you can get Mega Candy. This is a useful resource to gather if you want to unlock a Pokemon’s Mega Evolution. After the battle, you also have a chance to catch the standard version of the Mega Pokemon, as defeating Mega Salamence gives you a Salamence encounter. If you come across Salamence after a Mega Salamence raid, can you get a shiny version in Pokémon Go?

Does Salamence have a chance to become shiny after Mega Salamence raids in Pokémon Go?

We can confirm that after completing a Mega Salamence raid and fighting Salamence, there is a chance that it will spawn as a shiny version. The chances of this happening are relatively low, so don’t expect it every time you defeat a Mega Salamence while playing Pokémon Go.

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You will not know that it will be a brilliant encounter with Salamence. The Mega Salamence you fight in Mega Raid will not be shiny, indicating what type of Salamence it will be when the battle ends. This may also differ from other players you team up with to defeat Mega Salamence. Not everyone can receive a shiny version, but some players have the opportunity.

Regardless of the type of Salamence you find, all players will receive Mega Salamence energy. This is what you can use to Mega Evolve any Salamence of your choice that you have already captured, slowly evolving it into a Mega Salamence, which you can use in raid battles or walk with you while playing Pokémon Go. You receive additional benefits and rewards from having a Mega Salamence walking around you while you play, and it increases the effectiveness of other Pokémon during raid battles.


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