Chicharito Hernández surprises Pokimane with a gift while playing VALORANT

Although Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez’s soccer career is in its final stage, that does not mean that everything has been said for the Mexican striker, since this phase has coincided with the rise of other media outlets that are willing to welcome him. Today, the famous CH14 tries his luck as a streamer, also as a footballer in a less demanding environment like the Kings League and apparently he is going all out to conquer the world of streaming.

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Pokimane was surprised with the gift of Chicharito Hernandez

There is no doubt that Chicharito Hernandez is aiming big, just as he likes to imagine, but now in video game streaming. What happens is that during a recent broadcast of the successful and famous streamer Pokimane on Twitch, the Mexican striker was present. Just as the streamer was getting ready to hold a game of VALORANT He noticed that someone had sent a remarkable number of Subs and after a follower’s comment he realized that it was Chicharito.

Chicharito Hernandez goes with everything in the world of streaming

After confirming that it was the Mexican soccer player, Pokimane told her fans that he is one of the best soccer players in the world (somewhat exaggerated) but ultimately she recognized that the Mexican team’s goalscorer is someone popular and she was surprised. that he had sent him a present in the purest Twitch style.

Currently, Chicharito remains active in Los Angeles Galaxy and in Porcinos FC of the Kings League, although there is uncertainty about the team where he will spend his last years and in which he will retire as a player, remembering that he was formed in Chivas de Guadalajara. However, from the perspective of streaming video games, there is Chicharito for a while and it seems that now we will know about his career in this world of digital entertainment and gaming.

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