Chinese developers create MOBA with Goku, Naruto, Luff and other anime heroes

This week the next generation update hits stores for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot one of the most celebrated games that have taken inspiration from the work of Akira Toriyama. However, for Goku fans, a good game is not enough, and they are always looking for other important opportunities… like a crossover with League of Legends.

From China comes, precisely, one of the most powerful combinations in the entire industry: a MOBA with anime characters like dragonball, one piece, Naruto either demon slayer. This interesting find was found by user Nasdorachi, who proudly boasts a video of the game running on mobile devices… which is a small excerpt from a gameplay longest available on YouTube.

“If an APK for Codename Jump (the Chinese Shonen Jump MOBA) drops, I’ll definitely share it as free candy, so be sure to follow it! The game is expected to launch in China this summer, and with their laws, no I know how easy it will be to make the game run from outside of China”

This game is called Codename Jump and it is a MOBA-type title that uses the characters from Shonen Jump, the popular Japanese manga magazine, as heroes or legends. Unfortunately the sample of gameplay It is not very extensive, so we cannot fully investigate the game system. What we can do is enjoy Goku in action, with everything and his transformation to Super Saiyan; and if you pay attention you can also see Sasuke running like Naruto and other curiosities.

Among the characters that we can see in Codename Jump is it so:

  • goku from dragon ball
  • Majin Buu from Dragon Ball
  • Frieza from Dragon Ball
  • Sasuke from Naruto Shippuden
  • Tanjiro from Demon Slayer
  • Nezuko from Demon Slayer
  • Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece

Codename Jump remains a China-only development and it is unlikely that the game will ever make it out of that country and we will even see more art or videos about the game. However, there is always the possibility that some western or Japanese studio dares to make this game a reality in the rest of the world… hoping it doesn’t end as a Jump Force.

Either way, the idea of ​​a League of Legends of anime characters does not sound bad. In fact, Pokemon dared with his clone of LOL and it went very well, and Crash Team Rumble Will try very soon too.

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