ElRubius must pay $73,000 in taxes: 50,000 for “saving them” in 2013 and 23,000 for trying to deceive public coffers

One of the most famous Spanish-speaking streamers on Twitch is elrubiusWe know that his relationship with the Treasury is not one of the best, since he has been under investigation since 2015 for invoicing through the company Snofokk SL in 2013 and 2014, being accused of not correctly taxing the income, through the Corporation Tax. Justice has spoken, deciding that definitely the streamer must pay $73,000 euros.

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According to what was published in ElDiario.es, the sentence dictates that he will have to pay €50,000 who stopped paying taxes in 2013 when using the corporate tax formula and a fine of €23,000 more for trying to deceive public coffers. These large amounts would be compared to what was saved in 2013, in relation to the 2014 It is not yet known what will happen, but ElRubius repeated this system to tax his profits.

Rubius falls, because the Treasury detected that most of the profits of this company were taxed as Corporate Tax, which is lower than the Personal Income Tax (IRPF), while the reality is that behind Snofokk SL at that time were only elrubiushis pc and his camera, there were no essential material or personal means to upload their videos. In any case, the streamer currently lives in Andorra with a much more beneficial tax regime than that of Spain.

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