Five essential tips for playing Terraria

Terraria is one of the most fascinating games that have been created in the last decades. In the heat of creative games like Minecraft, the title we are dealing with today He knew how to forge his own identity and become a really entertaining, dynamic and beautiful title. In it, we explore a world full of dangers and beauties while building our base and equipping ourselves to become an unbeatable enemy. The objective? Survive in a hostile world and defeat the final bosses of the game. The beginnings are always complicated, so here we bring you a small guide with five basic tips.


Five tips to master Terraria

The first thing to know before getting into the action is that Terraria is a game in scroll side. It is a title with a strong role-playing and dungeon-playing component in which we will have the classic characteristics of the genre: object creation (I craft), build mines and fight enemies at nightfall.

As in all games of this style, Terraria is a simple game to learn but hard to master. You will soon realize that it is not enough to survive, but that you will need to go one step further. When you have completed that step, you will want to go further still, and before you know it you will have invested a good number of hours in the 505 Games title.

Therefore, here are the best tips to become a true machine when it comes to collecting and subduing your enemies, from the simple jellies to the gigantic final bosses.


In Terraria, time is money.

Beginnings in Terraria are hard. You start with a copper sword, a pickaxe, and an axe. From there you will have to work hard, but above all smart, in order to have a place to protect yourself when night falls. You will soon realize that what was a threat at the beginning of the game, from the mid game it happens to be inconsequential and what you will have already forgotten. So before nightfall you must have chopped stone and wood in sufficient quantities to have made yourself a habitable house.

Don’t worry, you’ll expand the house and make it practically an archmage’s tower. However, the beginnings are humble and the important thing is that you get shelter soon. Now, that shelter will need lighting, so it should also you have to kill jellies to get to make torches. Once you light up your house, the danger starts to lessen and you can focus on the next step.

Once you have a roof, it will be necessary to build an oven and a workbench. so you can start making more complex and diverse recipes.

Build two homes: the beginning of a village

In Terraria you will not be alone. On the contrary, many characters will visit your village. Each one will dedicate themselves to their own and you will get huge benefits when you get the most important ones. Beginnings are always humble, so start by making your house and one next to it attached to yours. Thus, the game will understand that you have created a village and some characters will begin to appear at the door. From there, one of the most entertaining activities in the game will begin: its social section.


The day outside and the night in the mine

The surface world is very rich in terraria. However, at nightfall it becomes a very dangerous environment. One solution is to spend the night in the shelter, but if you want to advance in the game you will have to dig and start building your mine. So you can get stone and other metals. As you go down, the easier it will be to find more precious materials, but the dangers will be greater. It is important that don’t destroy the platforms, so you can return home when you have a full inventory. One of the main mistakes when you are new to the title is to destroy everything and have to take long detours to get back home.

The Guide NPC, the best friend of the Terraria player

Although it may not seem like it, the Guide NPC that accompanies us from the beginning of the game is not just the tutorial. It will help us in all levels of the game when we get stuck, since it helps us will recommend where to go and how to make new creations. In this way, we will also face the final boss “Wall of meat” thanks to him, being able to activate the difficult mode of the game from that moment on.

Playing with friends is always more fun

Since version 1.2, Terraria has multiplayer so that we can enjoy the game together. It is one of the most fun to playsince each player can have a different specialty and face the fights cooperatively, making the final bosses have much more interesting dynamics.

In addition, managing the collection and manufacturing becomes a much more comfortable and fun process. Generally, with friends is always better.

Even so, Terraria is totally enjoyable on its own, adapting in a really accessible way to the needs of the players.

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