how to build yourself a fully equipped 2×2 zulo

The housing precariousness current is not a subject to be laughed at. Thousands of people around the world pay large sums of money for very small spaces. So much so, that there is retractable furniture and that it is hidden that it is designed for these houses… and they sell it as something “modern”.

Although it is not a subject to be laughed at, today we want to take a little iron out of the matter with a video that has made the VidaExtra staff smile. Housing precariousness has come to Minecraft… Now you can build yourself a fully functional and equipped 2×2 (four block) zulo! Exactly, like in Madrid.

The user @6kander o Skanderrr from Twitter has shared a video showing you how to build a working 2×2 in Minecraft. Accompany with a joke about the relationship size-price of apartments in New York. As you can see, the precariousness of houses does not only affect Japan or Madrid.

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Once again, Minecraft proves that it is the realm of creativity. Everything is possible as long as you have enough imagination. His fans build from equipped 2×2 zulos to Minas Tirith from The Lord of the Rings… although surely the latter has more space for the bed.

Have you seen any smaller design? What would your Minecraft miniature house look like? We look forward to reading your ideas in comments.

Minecraft Small House1

And it can be made smaller…

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